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NBA 2012 Draft!
This poll was cancelled
FanIQ Pts? Cancelled | NBA, *Draft | Outcome Date 06/29/12 | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
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 1. What player will be chosen 2nd in the 2012 draft? (9 points)
20%a. Michael Kid Gilchrist
20%b. Fab Melo
40%c. Harrison Barnes
20%d. Thomas Robinson
0%e. Bradley Beal
0%f. other
 2. What pick in the draft will Illinois Myers Leonard be chosen? (8 points)
0%a. 3 or 4th
0%b. 5th or 6th
40%c. 7-9
0%d. 10
0%e. 11
60%f. 12 or 13
0%g. other
 3. How many players from the Univ of Kentucky will be picked in the first round? (7 points)
0%a. 2
40%b. 3
20%c. 4
40%d. 5
0%e. other
 4. What pick will Harrison Barnes go in the first round? (10 points)
20%a. 2
20%b. 3
20%c. 4
0%d. 5
20%e. 6
20%f. other
 5. Will Evan Fournier of France be drafted in the first round? (6 points)
40%a. yes
60%b. no
 Tiebreaker: How many Big Ten players will be drafted in the first round?

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