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Do you think a quarterback under 6'2" can survive in the NFL?
Russel Wilson and Kellen Moore are two rookie quarterbacks that have a huge obstacle in their way when it comes to being a supposed superstar in the NFL. They are under 6'2" in height. Despite a spectacular career at Boise State, and the dearth of NFL-ready attributes, Kellen Moore was picked in the draft specifically to be a backup to Matthew Stafford in Detroit, and Russel Wilson is looking at a third-string job with Pete Carroll and Seattle.

With the successes of 6' quarterbacks Drew Brees and Michael Vick, and the past successes of Fran Tarkenton and Doug Flutie, do you think that height may be overrated?
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#4 | 772 days ago

Size doesn't matter...right?
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#1 | 775 days ago

YESSSSSSSSSS.......its been done before and IT WILL be done again....ITS NOT THE SIZE OF THE MAN.....BUT THE HEART OF THE MAN..........yesheart
#2 | 774 days ago

It's not about size despite the history of the NFL QB's. It's about how you utilize your talent with what you have. cheeky
#3 | 772 days ago

its obvious that they can
#4 | 772 days ago

Size doesn't matter...right?
#5 | 771 days ago

derms33 wrote:
Size doesn't matter...right?
#6 | 764 days ago

You Forgot to mention RG3 is under 6foot 2inch, also Drew Brees and Josh Freeman.
#7 | 764 days ago

Brees and the Saints reached an agreement Friday on the terms of a new deal, which includes $60 million in guaranteed money and a $37 million signing bonus. Brees will earn $40 million in the first year of the contract, and the $20 million yearly average salary makes it the NFL's richest.

IDK, Ask This Guy And He'll Tell You.
#8 | 610 days ago

well he seems to be doing ok...
#9 | 210 days ago

1 is taking his team to the Super Bowl this month, so IDK, tough to answer at this point

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