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FCS Playoffs - Delaware vs Delaware St.

Delaware State at Delaware1:30 PM EST on FCS Playoffs - Delaware vs Delaware St. Photo


You may be wondering why this game is on ESPN this Friday. Delaware and Delaware State will meet up for the first time ever (despite being from the same state and only 50 miles apart).  Delaware State, a traditional black college, won the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference with a 9-0 record in conference, 10-1 overall (there 1 loss being to FBS-Kent State).  Despite being one of the better schools in FCS, Delaware has refused to play Delaware State -- with almost everything pointing to race.  In a editorial earlier this year, Jeff Pearlman, writer for SI and Delaware Alum, described the situation as follows "The University of Delaware's persistent refusal to face Delaware State University in football is cowardly, pig-headed, self-righteous and, worst of all, oozing with racism."

Despite all this, there is a game to be played!!

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Teams:  Delaware Blue Hens | Delaware St. Hornets
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer13 Fans 
  1. What is the outcome of the game? (2 points)
Correct8%a. Delaware wins by 20+
0%b. Delaware wins by 15-19
54%c. Delaware wins by 8-14
0%d. Delaware wins by 1-7
15%e. Delaware State wins by 1-7
23%f. Delaware State wins by 8-14
0%g. Delaware State wins by 15-19
0%h. Delaware State wins by 20+
  2. Delaware has a high powered offense, averaging 38 points per game. Delaware St has a good defense, allowing 16 points per game. How many points for the Delaware Blue Hens? (2 points)
15%a. 0-20
8%b. 21-25
23%c. 26-29
46%d. 30-35
0%e. 36-40
Correct8%f. 41+
  3. Delaware Running back Omar Cuff has 29 TDs this season, how many TDs will he score in the game? (2 points)
0%a. 0
15%b. 1
62%c. 2
15%d. 3
Correct0%e. 4
0%f. 5
8%g. 6+
  4. Which defense will force more turnovers? (2 points)
62%a. Delaware State
Correct38%b. Delaware
  5. How many total yards for both teams? (2 points)
0%a. 0-500
0%b. 501-550
0%c. 551-600
23%d. 601-650
Correct38%e. 651-700
8%f. 701-750
15%g. 751-800
15%h. 801 +
  6. What will be the longest TD scored (on offense)? (2 points)
8%a. 0-20
23%b. 21-30
Correct23%c. 31-40
31%d. 41-50
8%e. 51-60
0%f. 61-70
8%g. 71 +
  Tiebreaker: How many total points will be scored in the game?
Correct 51

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#1 | 2495 days ago

Very cool that these 2 teams will finally end up playing each other!
1. Delaware State wins by 1-7  2. 30-35  3. 1  4. Delaware State  5. 801 +  6. 41-50  

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