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2012 Olympics: Volleyball
Predict the gold medal winners in the Volleyball events (both Indoor and Beach) at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
Scored by Eric_ on 08/12/12 at 02:15AM | Closed on 07/28/12 at 12:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 4 | Olympics, Volleyball | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Correct Answer8 Fans 
  1. Men's Indoor (10 points)
Correct13%a. Russia
25%b. Poland
38%c. Brazil
0%d. Italy
13%e. United States
13%f. Argentina
0%g. Serbia
0%h. Other
  2. Women's Indoor (10 points)
25%a. Italy
75%b. United States
0%c. China
0%d. Japan
Correct0%e. Brazil
0%f. Serbia
0%g. Dominican Republic
0%h. Other
  3. Men's Beach (10 points)
50%a. Alison Cerutti/Emanuel Rego (BRA)
38%b. Jake Gibb/Sean Rosenthal (USA)
Correct0%c. Julius Brink/Jonas Reckermann (GER)
0%d. Reinder Nummerdor/Richard Schuil (NED)
13%e. Phil Dalhausser/Todd Rogers (USA)
0%f. Grzegorz Fijałek/Mariusz Prudel (POL)
0%g. Pedro Cunha/Ricardo Santos (BRA)
0%h. Other
  4. Women's Beach (10 points)
50%a. Juliana Felisberta/Larissa Franša (BRA)
0%b. Xue Chen/Zhang Xi (CHN)
Correct50%c. Misty May-Treanor/Kerri Walsh (USA)
0%d. Maria Antonelli/Talita Antunes (BRA)
0%e. Jen Kessy/April Ross (USA)
0%f. Sanne Keizer/Marleen van Iersel (NED)
0%g. Greta Cicolari/Marta Menegatti (ITA)
0%h. Other
  Tiebreaker: How many matches will Team USA win in indoor volleyball?
Correct 3

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