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which of these singers and songs helped shape your views of the world into what they are today?
Just want to get to know more of my fellow Fan IQ people and what your musical influences are and how these songs helped shape your thought process.

| Closed on 12/31/12 at 11:45PM
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0%a. AC/DC -- Highway To Hell
0%b. Billy Joel -- My Life
0%c. Bruce Springsteen -- Born To Run
0%d. Chaka Khan -- Through The Fire
0%e. Don McLean -- American Pie
17%f. Frank Sinatra -- My Way
17%g. George Thorogood -- Bad To The Bone
0%h. Huey Lewis & The News -- I Want A New Drug
0%i. Kiss -- I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night
0%j. Led Zeppelin -- Stairway To Heaven
0%k. Martina McBride -- Broken Wing
0%l. Meatloaf -- Paradise By The Dashboard Light
0%m. Roxette -- Listen To Your Heart
0%n. Tim McGraw -- Live Like You're Dyin'
67%o. Other:

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#1 | 817 days ago

I picked GT but really for the song One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.
But Zep is awesome and so is AC/DC.
I wish they would play music like that more.
George Thorogood -- Bad To The Bone  
#2 | 817 days ago

for me, the answer is o. Other: All but Led Zeppelin. I hated that band and still do.

--Before High School, first it was Bruce Springsteen,
--When I went to High school, it was  Kiss, Billy Joel,  .
--When I served in USMC, it was Chaka Khan, Meatloaf, Huey Lewis, Roxette, Don McLean.
--When I got married, it should have been to AC/DC because that is what my marriage was like, lol.
--When I got divorced, it was Martina McBride and George Thorogood
--When I hit 40, I stopped caring what others thought about me and it became Tim McGraw, Billy Joel again, and Frank Sinatra
#3 | 817 days ago

TIME by Pink Floyd

         so you run and you run to catch up with the sun but its sinking
racing around to come up behind you again
sun is the same in a relative way but you're older
shorter of breath and one day closer to death
#4 | 817 days ago

EASY ONE........FRANKIE........MY WAY........why wouldnt i live my life MY WAY.......duuuuuuuuuuuuh...........wink
Frank Sinatra -- My Way  
#5 | 817 days ago

Marvin Gaye..."What's Goin' On".
#6 | 816 days ago

Angel of Death - Slayer

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