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Okay fellow iquers I think my wife and I are going to this restaurant(Ruth Cris)it serves both Steaks and seafood now my decision is do I get the rib-eye med rare back potato and salad,or the bake salmon with baked potato and slaw,tough choice so fellow iquers what would your choice be for the steak and for the seafood
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43%a. Steak all the way
14%b. Seafood is the only way to go
29%c. Surf and turf
0%d. Depends who is paying for it
14%e. other

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#1 | 613 days ago

Get the Salmon!  Much better for you, health wise!

Me, I'd do the Surf and Turf!
Seafood is the only way to go  
#2 | 613 days ago
unopescatore (+)

I've been to Ruth's ok....but like ole Nicky said above me....get the surf and turf and wash it down with some Zima. laugh

Salmon sucks IMO.
#3 | 613 days ago

the rib eye.....MEAT IS BETTER.......mmmmmmmmmmm............yes
#4 | 613 days ago

Surf and Turf it is !
Surf and turf  
#5 | 613 days ago

Nick__ wrote:
Get the Salmon!  Much better for you, health wise!

Me, I'd do the Surf and Turf!
totally agree but in that case i'll make it at home.  SOOOOO   much better.
Steak all the way  
#6 | 613 days ago

Get a rib eye (medium rare), some crab legs, a loaded baked potato, a salad, 2 vodka tonics, two cheese biscuits, and some strawberry cheesecake; then smoke a cigar while sipping on two more vodka tonics and relax.

#7 | 613 days ago

get the steak medium well. better that way.
Steak all the way  

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