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Right to Free Speech - Did I Cross the Line ..... (Edited 06/24/14 06:07PM by hockey54)
Ok... We all have websites that we put stuff on ..Well to tell you right off the bat..."My patch is off !" When I can't write anything that doesn't involve the MC & I had premission to post pics of a couple of teenage girls who only wanted pics of them on their Daddy's trike & premission from their Mother to post them on my FB.No club was mentioned or shown on any of the pics.We had a friend who had gotten hurt & I posted -"Does anyone have any updates on daryl,last I heard he had a broken collar bone,broken ribs & a punctured lung & he was headed into surgery."That's all I put & the next thing I know I'm getting told to either take off my patch or everyone will be taking off theirs.I didn't post anything about the club or what happened where or anything .Ted read thru my FB & said that their wasn't anything that involved any MC (motorcycle club).He's Vice President of OMM. So I just got so tired of the crap I took off my patch.So was they in the right to censor my freedom of speech - No!! People that's not the President of OMM - called Ted & chewed his ass out  - I have a feeling it will be the end of the club....
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7711. Right to Free Speech - Did I Cross the Line .....