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MLB - The Great Debate - Who was the Greatest Number 8?
I've been following MLB for 40 years now,always appreciated when a player or manager gets his uniform number retired --  Did you know David Concepcion, Reds is the only #13 to be retired by any team,
Thurman Munson,Yankees is the only #15 retired by any MLB team

The Great Debate - Who was the greatest number 8?
| Closed on 10/24/13 at 05:00PM
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Team Breakout:
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3%a. Willie Stargell, Pirates
3%b. Joe Morgan, Reds
26%c. Yogi Berra, Yankees
23%d. Carl Yastrzemski, Red Sox
45%e. Cal Ripken, Orioles
0%f. Gary Carter, Expos,Mets
0%g. someone else