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Are college ref's calling too many helmet to helmet hits or not enough (Edited 12/03/12 01:43AM by SusanVette)
After watching a pretty boring game between Penn State and Illinois I became very agitated by the ejection of Illinois db Earnest Thomas.  I can see a possible penalty for late hit or even a helmet to helmet, however his being ejected was totally a joke, especially since even the NFL today didn't eject Viking Chad Greenway for his obvious helmet to helmet hit on Calvin Johnson even after what was obviously a lengthy amount of time after Johnson didn't have the ball and still Greenway left his feet to hit Johnson.

At this rate maybe we should just take defenses off the field and let the offense see how many points they can score in 4 quarters, obviously Baylor and West Virginia have already started doing this by the way their game ended 70-63!
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0%a. the refs are doing a fine job
50%b. Throw less flags, this is football not basket weaving
50%c. Throw more flags, these are human beings being assaulted
0%d. other

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#1 | 751 days ago

Forget replacement refs, and ladies at this rate "don't let your babies grow up to play defense!"  Concussions happen in every sport, and yet football is the only sport that seems to think they need to babysit their players.
Throw less flags, this is football not basket weaving  

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