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Seattle Seahawks @.Carolina Panthers: 10/7/12
Seattle Seahawks @.Carolina Panthers: 10/7/12 Photo  @  Seattle Seahawks @.Carolina Panthers: 10/7/12 Photo

Who Has The Most... Just As Easy As That!
Scored by Dream_Machine on 10/10/12 at 07:00AM | Closed on 10/07/12 at 04:15PM
FanIQ Pts? 8 | NFL, Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Teams:  Carolina Panthers
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer15 Fans 
  1. Who Wins The Game? (10 points)
Correct27%a. Seattle Seahawks
73%b. Carolina Panthers
  2. Who Has The Most Passing Yards? (10 points)
Correct20%a. Russell Wilson (SEA)
7%b. Other Seahawks QB
73%c. Cam Newton (CAR)
0%d. Other Panthers QB
  3. Who Has The Most Rushing Yards? (10 points)
Correct87%a. Marshwn Lynch (SEA)
0%b. Other Seahawks RB
13%c. DeAngelo Williams (CAR)
0%d. Ot6her Panthers RB
  4. Who Has The Most Receiving Yards? (10 points)
20%a. Golden Tate (SEA)
Correct7%b. Sidney Rice (SEA)
0%c. Doug Baldwin (SEA)
0%d. Other Seahawks WR
60%e. Steve Smith (CAR)
13%f. Brandon Lafell (CAR)
0%g. Greg Olsen (CAR)
0%h. Another Panthers WR
  5. Who Has The Most KO/PR Return Yards? (10 points)
20%a. Golden Tate (SEA)
Correct60%b. Leon Washington (SEA)
7%c. Other Seahawk Retuner
13%d. Kealoha Pilares (CAR)
0%e. Joe Adams (CAR)
0%f. Other Panthers Returner
  6. Who Has The Most Rushing TD's? (10 points)
Correct60%a. Marashawn Lynch (SEA)
Correct0%b. Other Seahawks RB
Correct27%c. DeAngelo Williams (CAR)
Correct13%d. Other Panthers RB
  7. Who Has the Most Receiving TD's (10 points)
Correct20%a. Golden Tate (SEA)
7%b. Sidney Rice (SEA)
0%c. Other Seahawks WR
73%d. Steve Smith (CAR)
0%e. Brandon LaFell (CAR)
0%f. Other Panthers WR
  8. Who Make The Most field Goals? (10 points)
Correct67%a. Steven Hauschka (SEA)
33%b. Justin Medlock (CAR)
  Tiebreaker: How Many Passing Yards For All QB's Combined?
Correct 362

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