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MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES 2012-13 POLL-- 11/4 @ Toronto Raptors
     On Sunday night (11/4), the Minnesota Timberwolves, coming off early promise last season(until Ricky Rubio went down!!), and with a full training camp under head coach Rick Adelman, are on the road,  when they play versus the Toronto Raptors(23-43 last season).   Opening tip will be at 5:00 pm, so here are some questions; good luck, and GO WOLVES!!

MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES 2012-13  POLL-- 11/4 @ Toronto Raptors Photo
Scored by Scott on 01/27/13 at 11:28AM | Closed on 11/04/12 at 06:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 6 | NBA, Toronto Raptors, Minnesota Timberwolves | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer8 Fans 
  1. Who will win the game(by margin)? (10 points)
13%a. Raptors (1-5)
25%b. Raptors (6-10)
0%c. Raptors (11-15)
Correct0%d. Raptors (16+)
13%e. Wolves (1-5)
25%f. Wolves (6-10)
25%g. Wolves (11-15)
0%h. Wolves (16+)
  2. Which team will have more rebounds(by margin)? (8 points)
25%a. Raptors (1-5)
0%b. Raptors (6-10)
Correct0%c. Raptors (11+)
0%d. TIE
50%e. Wolves (1-5)
25%f. Wolves (6-10)
0%g. Wolves (11+)
  3. Which team will have more assists(by margin)? (8 points)
38%a. Raptors (1-4)
0%b. Raptors (5-8)
0%c. Raptors (9+)
Correct0%d. TIE
50%e. Wolves (1-4)
13%f. Wolves (5-8)
0%g. Wolves (9+)
  4. Which team's bench will score more points? (6 points)
Correct38%a. Raptors
63%b. Wolves
0%c. TIE
  5. Which team commits more turnovers(by margin)? (6 points)
13%a. Raptors (1-4)
38%b. Raptors (5-8)
0%c. Raptors (9+)
13%d. TIE
38%e. Wolves (1-4)
0%f. Wolves (5-8)
Correct0%g. Wolves (9+)
  6. Which team commits more personal fouls? (6 points)
Correct38%a. Raptors
50%b. Wolves
13%c. TIE
  Tiebreaker: Total points scored (for both teams)?
Correct 191

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#1 | 719 days ago

Never sure(especially on the FIRST road trip!!)  Going with the "glass full" look; Wolves' added depth this year gives them enough to hold off the Raptors, 96-89...GO WOLVES, and HURRY BACK Kevin and Ricky!! smiley
1. Wolves (6-10)  2. Wolves (1-5)  3. Wolves (1-4)  4. Wolves  5. Raptors (1-4)  6. Raptors  

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