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Daily Jeopardy 10/16
I have become obsessed with Jeopardy, so I figured I'd make a daily poll about it. Below are 7 answers (3 from Jeopardy, 3 from Double, and Final unless noted) from a recent episode. See if you can get the questions right. These answers are from Friday, October 12th's episode.
| Closed on 10/17/12 at 11:00PM
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 1. A POSITION OF IMPORTANCE for $200: Cal Ripken, Jr. had another consecutive game streak-- 13 straight All-Star Game starts at this position (0 points)
 2. BUFFETT TALKS BUSINESS for $800: Stay away from this, the use of borrowed funds for speculation; you can't go broke if you don't owe anybody money (0 points)
 3. ODD NAMINGS for $1000: Even the OED is stumped as to how this pancreatic delicacy got its name (0 points)
 4. MEASURING DEVICES for $800: A creepmeter doesn't measure how weird your date is but the movement of these cracks between quakes (0 points)
 5. PREHISTORIC TIMES for $1600: During the Chalcolithic period, 4,000-6,000 years ago, this metal became the first used for tools & weapons (0 points)
 6. RUMORS for $2000: "If you haven't got anything nice to say... come sit next to me" was a motto of this daughter of Teddy Roosevelt (0 points)
 7. FINAL JEOPARDY CATEGORY: "OSCAR NOMINEES:" One of his first Oscar nominations was for Best Actor; none of his 22 other Oscar nominations was for acting (0 points)

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