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I think we've probably done this before but eff it. It's FanIQ Homecoming and we need a king and queen.
2 guys? Sure. 2 girls? Even better. Fictional characters? Absolutely. Leigh in a ginger wig to keep a running theme going? Hellz-to-the-yes.

Got it? Good. Go Q, Go!

P.S. Jason, Stoney, The Kevin and I are going to get properly lit and steal "Bleacher Report's" mascot for the bonfire / rally on GIFriday night. FYI: You might want to start a pool for some bail money so we don't have to call our parents. thanks in advance.
| Closed on 11/17/13 at 01:15AM
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38%a. These Two
10%b. Those Two
5%c. I hate(d) H.S.
48%d. Beans & Rice