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Daily Jeopardy 11/1
I have become obsessed with Jeopardy, so I figured I'd make a daily poll about it. Below are 7 answers (3 from Jeopardy, 3 from Double, and Final unless noted) from a recent episode. See if you can get the questions right. These answers are from Monday, October 29th's episode.
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 1. LEWIS OR CLARK for $800: Chemist Gilbert Lewis suggested that a chemical bond involves 2 atoms sharing a pair of these, as in a covalent bond (0 points)
16%a. What are protons?
74%b. What are electrons?
16%c. What are neutrons?
0%d. What are ions?
 2. ASIA LOVES THAT AMERICAN BRAND for $800: "Wouldn't you really rather have" this car? China would, buying triple the number of them sold in the U.S. in 2010 (0 points)
16%a. What is Dodge?
26%b. What is Chevrolet?
21%c. What is Ford?
42%d. What is Buick?
 3. TV for $1000: Nathaniel Fisher didn't let a little thing like being killed by a bus stop him from visiting his family on this HBO show (0 points)
5%a. What is The Sopranos?
0%b. What is Boardwalk Empire?
89%c. What is Six Feet Under?
11%d. What is The Wire?
 4. IT'S A FACT for $1200: It's the capital of Latvia (0 points)
26%a. What is Riga?
16%b. What is Kiev?
21%c. What is Vilnius?
42%d. What is Minsk?
 5. GEOGRAPHIC TERMS for $1600: It's an imaginary circle located approximately at 66 1/2 degrees south latitude (0 points)
26%a. What is the Tropic of Cancer?
16%b. What is the Equator?
37%c. What is the Tropic of Capricorn?
26%d. What is the Antarctic Circle?
 6. CIVIL WAR NAMES for $2000: This cavalryman twice led his troops in a ride around McClellan, boosting southern morale (0 points)
21%a. Who is Philip Sheridan?
58%b. Who is J.E.B. Stuart?
21%c. Who is Nathan Bedford Forrest?
5%d. Who is Jubal Early?
 7. FINAL JEOPARDY CATEGORY: "MAMMALS:" Ancient Romans knew this animal featured in their circuses as a hippotigris (0 points)
42%a. What is a zebra?
11%b. What is an elephant?
21%c. What is a lion?
32%d. What is a rhinocerous?

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