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Did the Lakers make the right decision in hiring Mike D'Antoni?
Many people think that the Lakers should've hired Phil Jackson.  Did they make the right choice in hiring Mike D'Antoni?
| Closed on 12/12/12 at 05:00PM
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Teams:  Los Angeles Lakers
Players:  phil jackson | Mike D'Antoni
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33%a. Yes
67%b. No

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#1 | 707 days ago

He wants to run an uptempo offense with a bunch of greybeards and relying on Howard for total defense-- I am a Laker hater so it works out just fine for me!
#2 | 707 days ago

I am a casual Laker fan and I am on the fence with this decision.  I am going with the "glass half full" thought process.  I think D'Antoni will mesh pretty well with this squad.  The major plus is that Steve Nash already knows his offense and Howard is a great pick and roll guy!  This up-tempo offense will result in easy transition baskets and open shots for Kobe and World Peace! 

Now we all know that Phil would have been a safe choice (11 rings!!!) Enough said...however, his health is a factor and the triangle offense is not easy for a new team to learn...Nash would struggle with it (IMO)...

Regardless, the West is somewhat weaker this year...the only team that got better was the Clippers...something tells me that the old Clipper curse will raise it's ugly head this season.  The Thunder got WORSE by trading their "glue" guy - Mr. Harden!  They remind me of the Sonics of old...they will win 50 games but will fizz out i the playoffs...

Lakers vs. Spurs for the Western conf, finals!!
#3 | 702 days ago

No way it will work, Kobe is not going to let Nash run the offense and Howard in not that great with the pick and roll. Clog the middle and Howard has no moves or shot which he can score with game in and game out. the really is not much of an uptempo approach look at how the Knicks fail at it when Mike was the head coach, and they have the same type of players. I selfish play maker big guys which are not much of an offensive threat. Phil would not have been the answer either, the Lakers still would not have a championship this year.

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