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Forever Autumn 11-14 Name that Tune(Singing in the Rain) (Edited 11/22/12 04:05PM by SusanVette)
We've had our share of unsettled rain,thunderstorms,high wind,gales and hurricanes recently!
My thoughts and prayers go out to the people are still suffering from Hurricane Sandy.

Here's a few tunes that will have you soaked,reaching for an umbrella real soon.

I give you a line to a "wet one",not necessarily the first line,see if you can name that tune.
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 1. BJ Thomas #1 soaker - Just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed,nothing seems to fit so I just did some talking to the sun and I said I didn't like the way he got things done sleeping on the job. (0 points)
4%a. Bang on the Drum All Day
75%b. Raindrops Keep Falling On my Head
0%c. Rain on the Roof
4%d. Rainy Night in Georgia
4%e. Laughter in the Rain
13%f. Blame it on the Rain
 2. The Who - Only love make it rain,the way the beach gets kissed by the sea,only love can make it rain like the sweat of lover layin' in the field... the night is hot and black as ink ooh God I need a drink of cool cool rain (0 points)
8%a. I Can See for Miles
4%b. Call Me Lightning
67%c. Love Reign Oer me
13%d. Gimme Shelter
8%e. Shelter from the Storm
0%f. Rainy Days and Mondays
 3. Eddie Rabbitt #1 Tearjerker - I love to hear the thunder watch the lightning when it lights up the sky,you know that makes me feel good (0 points)
8%a. Driving My Life Away
0%b. Thunder Rolls
4%c. Thunder and Lightning
83%d. I Love a Rainy Night
0%e. Lightning Striking Again
4%f. You and I
 4. Foreigner hit #6 in '77 - You're willing to sacrifice our love,you never take advice someday you'll pay the price I know. I seen it before it happens all the time you close the door you leave the world behind,you're digging for gold,yet throwing away (0 points)
4%a. Feels Like the First Time
71%b. Cold as Ice
0%c. Double Vision
25%d. Head Games
0%e. Hot Blooded
0%f. Dirty White Boy
 5. Doors '71 - Into this house we're born,into this world we're thrown like a dog without a bone,actor out on loan..Girl you gotta love your man take him by the hand,make him understand the world on you depends our life will never end,gotta love your man (0 points)
4%a. Midnight Rider
4%b. Magic Carpet Ride
0%c. Ride Captain Ride
8%d. Ticket to Ride
83%e. Riders on the Storm
0%f. Hitchin' a Ride