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NCAA Football Challenge - Week 13

Predict the following questions for week 13 in the NCAA

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Scored by Scott on 11/25/12 at 03:04AM | Closed on 11/23/12 at 12:00PM
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  1. #6 Florida Gators at #10 Florida State Seminoles. Who will win? (5 points)
0%a. Gators by 15+
Correct13%b. Gators by 8-14
6%c. Gators by 1-7
31%d. Seminoles by 1-7
44%e. Seminoles by 8-14
6%f. Seminoles by 15+
  2. #11 Stanford Cardinal at #15 UCLA Bruins. Who will win? (5 points)
Correct0%a. Cardinal by 15+
19%b. Cardinal by 8-14
44%c. Cardinal by 1-7
25%d. Bruins by 1-7
13%e. Bruins by 8-14
0%f. Bruins by 15+
  3. #22 Oklahoma State Cowboys at #14 Oklahoma Sooners. Who will win? (5 points)
6%a. Cowboys by 8+
0%b. Cowboys by 1-7
Correct19%c. Sooners by 1-7
50%d. Sooners by 8-14
25%e. Sooners by 15-21
0%f. Sooners by 22+
  4. #12 Clemson Tigers at #13 South Carolina Gamecocks. Who will win? (5 points)
0%a. Tigers by 15+
31%b. Tigers by 8-14
38%c. Tigers by 1-7
25%d. Gamecocks by 1-7
Correct6%e. Gamecocks by 8-14
0%f. Gamecocks by 15+
  5. #20 Michigan Wolverines at #4 Ohio State Buckeyes. Who will win? (5 points)
0%a. Wolverines by 11+
6%b. Wolverines by 6-10
0%c. Wolverines by 1-5
Correct19%d. Buckeyes by 1-5
31%e. Buckeyes by 6-10
44%f. Buckeyes by 11+
  6. Which of the following QB's will throw for the most yards on Saturday? (9 points)
6%a. Matt Scott - Arizona (vs Arizona State)
13%b. Matt McGloin - Penn State (vs Wisconsin)
Correct38%c. Teddy Bridgewater - Louisville (vs UConn)
6%d. Ryan Radcliff - Central Michigan (at UMass)
13%e. Keith Wenning - Ball State (at Miami, OH)
13%f. Bryn Renner - North Carolina (vs Maryland)
13%g. Aaron Murray - Georgia (vs Georgia Tech)
  7. Which of the following running backs will rush for the most yards? (9 points)
6%a. Montee Ball - Wisconsin (at Penn State)
0%b. Johnathon Franklin - UCLA (vs Stanford)
31%c. Kenjon Barner - Oregon (at Oregon State)
Correct13%d. Antonio Andrews - Western Kentucky (vs North Texas)
19%e. Jordan Lynch - Northern Illinois (at Eastern Michigan)
13%f. Robbie Rouse - Fresno State (vs Air Force)
19%g. Montell Harris - Temple (vs Syracuse)
  8. Which wide receiver will have the most yards receiving? (9 points)
6%a. Austin Franklin - New Mexico State (at BYU)
13%b. Justin Hunter - Tennessee (vs Kentucky)
Correct19%c. Cody Hoffman - BYU (vs New Mexico State)
25%d. Mike Evans - Texas A&M (vs Missouri)
13%e. Ryan Grant - Tulane (at Houston)
6%f. Chip Reeves - Troy (at Middle Tennessee State)
19%g. Jordan Matthews - Vanderbilt (at Wake Forest)
  9. Which of these ranked teams will be UPSET in their respective week 5 game? (tie-breaker is LARGEST margin of defeat or SMALLEST margin of victory if all teams win) (7 points)
0%a. #2 Alabama (vs Auburn)
6%b. #3 Georgia (vs Georgia Tech)
6%c. #5 Oregon (at Oregon State)
6%d. #8 LSU (at Arkansas)
13%e. #9 Texas A&M (vs Missouri)
0%f. #17 Nebraska (at Iowa)
Correct69%g. #21 Rutgers (at Pittsburgh)
  10. Which of these games will have the SMALLEST margin of victory? (8 points)
0%a. Vanderbilt at Wake Forest
Correct13%b. Virginia at Virginia Tech
38%c. Indiana at Purdue
6%d. New Mexico at Colorado State
13%e. Rice at UTEP
6%f. UNLV at Hawaii
25%g. Miami (FLA) at Duke
  11. Geno Smith and Seth Doege are tied for the nation lead in touchdown passes. How many combined TD's will the two Big XII quarterbacks have when West Virginia plays Iowa State and Texas Tech plays Baylor this weekend? (6 points)
Correct0%a. 5 or less
0%b. 6
6%c. 7
44%d. 8
38%e. 9
13%f. 10
0%g. 11+
  12. Johnny Manziel has quickly made a name for himself as quarterback of the Texas A&M Aggies. How many rushing yards will Manziel have this weekend when the Aggies host Missouri? (6 points)
6%a. 50 or less
Correct19%b. 51-75
25%c. 76-100
38%d. 101-125
13%e. 126-150
0%f. 151-175
0%g. 176+
  13. Tommy Shuler leads Conference USA in receptions. How many catches will Shuler have when Marshall plays at East Carolina this weekend? (6 points)
0%a. 4 or less
0%b. 5
19%c. 6
19%d. 7
63%e. 8
0%f. 9
Correct0%g. 10+
  14. Notre Dame takes their #1 ranking and top ranked defense to the West Coast to play USC. How many points will the Fighting Irish allow when these two rivals play each other on Saturday night? (5 points)
0%a. 7 or less
0%b. 8-11
Correct13%c. 12-16
44%d. 17-20
44%e. 21-24
0%f. 25-28
0%g. 29+
  15. FCS Game of the Week - Grambling State Tigers at Southern Jaguars - What will be the outcome of this year's Bayou Classic? (6 points)
0%a. Tigers win by 15+
31%b. Tigers win by 11-14
19%c. Tigers win by 6-10
25%d. Tigers win by 1-5
Correct6%e. Jaguars win by 1-5
19%f. Jaguars win by 6-10
0%g. Jaguars win by 11-14
0%h. Jaguars win by 15+
  Tiebreaker: What will be the MOST amount of receiving yards for any FBS player in this week's action?
Correct 203

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#1 | 705 days ago

I am finally coming around on Notre Dame vs SEC school for National title.  Not because I agree with these teams, but because when one of them loses it will give me the chance to finally say I told you so to the so called experts who kiss their butts every chance they get.  Sorry Georgia losing to South Carolina by the score you did, and then beating Florida doesn't make you better than Oregon who lost a very tough game to the same Stanford team that lost in ot to Notre Dame.  Florida should even be lower considering they had to score 14 points in last 2 minutes to beat La- Lafayette in Gainesville.
1. Seminoles by 8-14  2. Cardinal by 8-14  3. Sooners by 8-14  4. Gamecocks by 1-7  5. Buckeyes by 11+  6. Matt McGloin - Penn State (vs Wisconsin)  7. Robbie Rouse - Fresno State (vs Air Force)  8. Mike Evans - Texas A&M (vs Missouri)  9. #9 Texas A&M (vs Missouri)  10. New Mexico at Colorado State  11. 9  12. 76-100  13. 8  14. 17-20  15. Tigers win by 1-5  
#2 | 704 days ago

Question #4  South Carolina is @ Clemson.
1. Seminoles by 8-14  2. Cardinal by 1-7  3. Sooners by 8-14  4. Tigers by 1-7  5. Buckeyes by 6-10  6. Teddy Bridgewater - Louisville (vs UConn)  7. Kenjon Barner - Oregon (at Oregon State)  8. Justin Hunter - Tennessee (vs Kentucky)  9. #21 Rutgers (at Pittsburgh)  10. Miami (FLA) at Duke  11. 9  12. 101-125  13. 8  14. 21-24  15. Tigers win by 1-5  

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