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Daily Jeopardy 11/19
I have become obsessed with Jeopardy, so I figured I'd make a daily poll about it. Below are 7 answers (3 from Jeopardy, 3 from Double, and Final unless noted) from a recent episode. See if you can get the questions right. These answers are from Wednesday, November 14th's episode, a semifinal match in the Teachers Tournament.
| Closed on 11/20/12 at 11:00PM
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 1. MY PHONE CAN DO THAT for $200: This feature on my phone has 8 megapixels; I don't know what that means, but it's a lot (0 points)
13%a. What is memory?
88%b. What is a camera?
0%c. What is a calendar?
0%d. What is a GPS?
 2. THE MAYA for $600: Kinich Ahau, the Mayan sun god, was usually depicted with the features of this jungle cat (0 points)
25%a. What is a leopard?
6%b. What is a lion?
69%c. What is a jaguar?
0%d. What is a tiger?
 3. AMERICAN MOVIE IDOL for $800: Twice named People's "Sexiest Man Alive", he got his big break when he appeared in "Thelma & Louise" (0 points)
81%a. Who is Brad Pitt?
13%b. Who is George Clooney?
0%c. Who is Tom Cruise?
6%d. Who is Keanu Reeves?
 4. TEACH ME A SONG for $1200: "So that's right dude, meet me at the bleachers, no principals, no student teachers", says her No. 1 hit "Hollaback Girl" (0 points)
75%a. Who is Gwen Stefani?
0%b. Who is Avril Lavigne?
19%c. Who is Pink?
6%d. Who is Christina Aguilera?
 5. F. SCOTT FITZGERALD for $1200: F. Scott thought of this college "as being lazy and good-looking and aristocratic--you know, like a spring day" (0 points)
25%a. What is Harvard?
0%b. What is Penn?
50%c. What is Princeton?
25%d. What is Yale?
 6. FUN WITH SCIENCE for $1600: If you've got a 1982 penny, it could be either mainly copper or mainly this material next to copper on the periodic table (0 points)
6%a. What is cobalt?
6%b. What is iron?
19%c. What is nickel?
69%d. What is zinc?
 7. FINAL JEOPARDY CATEGORY: "U.S. PRESIDENTS:" The only 2 presidents never to present a State of the Union address are William Henry Harrison & this man (0 points)
50%a. Who is George Washington?
6%b. Who is John Tyler?
13%c. Who is Zachary Taylor?
31%d. Who is James Garfield?

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