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NCAA Football Challenge - Week 14

Predict the following questions for week 14 in the NCAA

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Scored by Scott on 12/02/12 at 03:02AM | Closed on 11/30/12 at 07:00PM
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  1. MAC Championship - Northern Illinois Huskies at Kent State Golden Flashes - Who will win? (5 points)
0%a. Huskies by 15+
40%b. Huskies by 8-14
Correct20%c. Huskies by 1-7
35%d. Golden Flashes by 1-7
5%e. Golden Flashes by 8-14
0%f. Golden Flashes by 15+
  2. Pac-12 Championship - UCLA Bruins at Stanford Cardinal. Who will win? (5 points)
0%a. Bruins by 15+
0%b. Bruins by 8-14
5%c. Bruins by 1-7
Correct15%d. Cardinal by 1-7
60%e. Cardinal by 8-14
20%f. Cardinal by 15+
  3. Conference USA Championship - Central Florida Knights at Tulsa Hurricanes. Who will win? (5 points)
0%a. Knights by 15+
0%b. Knights by 8-14
30%c. Knights by 1-7
Correct20%d. Hurricanes by 1-7
45%e. Hurricanes by 8-14
5%f. Hurricanes by 15+
  4. Big Ten Championship - Wisconsin Badgers at Nebraska Cornhuskers. Who will win? (5 points)
Correct0%a. Badgers by 11+
0%b. Badgers by 6-10
15%c. Badgers by 1-5
25%d. Cornhuskers by 1-5
40%e. Cornhuskers by 6-10
20%f. Cornhuskers by 11+
  5. ACC Championship - Florida State Seminoles at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Who will win? (5 points)
30%a. Seminoles by 22+
40%b. Seminoles by 15-21
30%c. Seminoles by 8-14
Correct0%d. Seminoles by 1-7
0%e. Yellow Jackets by 1-7
0%f. Yellow Jackets by 8+
  6. SEC Championship - Alabama Crimson Tide at Georgia Bulldogs. Who will win? (5 points)
35%a. Crimson Tide by 11+
30%b. Crimson Tide by 6-10
Correct5%c. Crimson Tide by 1-5
25%d. Bulldogs by 1-5
5%e. Bulldogs by 6-10
0%f. Bulldogs by 11+
  7. Which of these teams will score the LEAST amount of points in their respective championship games? (7 points)
10%a. Kent State (vs Northern Illinois)
10%b. Northern Illinois (at Kent State)
5%c. Tulsa (vs Central Florida)
Correct0%d. Florida State (at Georgia Tech)
30%e. Arkansas State (vs Middle Tennessee)
25%f. Stanford (vs UCLA)
20%g. Central Florida (at Tulsa)
  8. Which of these championship games will have the SMALLEST margin of victory? (7 points)
20%a. Northern Illinois at Kent State
Correct10%b. UCLA at Stanford
10%c. Central Florida at Tulsa
0%d. Middle Tennessee State at Arkansas State
0%e. Florida State at Georgia Tech
15%f. Alabama at Georgia
45%g. Nebraska at Wisconsin
  9. Which of these ranked teams will be upset? (tie-breaker is largest margin of defeat or if all teams win, smallest margin of victory) (7 points)
0%a. #6 Stanford (vs UCLA)
20%b. #13 Oklahoma (at TCU)
5%c. #6 Kansas State (vs Texas)
5%d. #22 Boise State (at Nevada)
0%e. #15 Florida State (vs Georgia Tech)
Correct15%f. #13 Nebraska (vs Wisconsin)
55%g. #23 Kent State (vs Northern Illinois)
  10. Which of these FCS 2nd round playoff games will have the MOST points scored? (9 points)
25%a. illinois State at Appalachian State
15%b. Central Arkansas at Georgia Southern
10%c. New Hampshire at Wofford
Correct25%d. Coastal Carolina at Old Dominion
10%e. Cal Poly at Sam Houston State
0%f. Wagner at Eastern Washington
5%g. Stony Brook at Montana
10%h. South Dakota State at North Dakota State
  11. UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley has been sacked the most times in college football. How many times will the Bruin QB be sacked by the Stanford Cardinal in this weekend's Pac-12 championship? (6 points)
0%a. 0
0%b. 1
10%c. 2
Correct60%d. 3
30%e. 4
0%f. 5
0%g. 6+
  12. Stephon Jefferson leads the Mountain West in rushing. How many yards will Jefferson have this weekend when Nevada hosts Boise State? (6 points)
0%a. 50 or less
0%b. 51-75
15%c. 76-100
40%d. 101-125
Correct40%e. 126-150
5%f. 151-175
0%g. 176+
  13. Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey have been one of college football's best wide receiving duos. How many combined receptions will the two have when West Virginia hosts Kansas on Saturday? (6 points)
0%a. 9 or less
0%b. 10-11
20%c. 12-13
Correct15%d. 14-15
40%e. 16-17
15%f. 18-19
10%g. 20+
  14. Alabama leads the nation in least amount of points allowed. How many points will the Crimson Tide allow when they play the Georgia Bulldogs in this weekend's SEC Championship? (5 points)
0%a. 7 or less
0%b. 8-11
35%c. 12-16
45%d. 17-20
20%e. 21-24
Correct0%f. 25-28
0%g. 29+
  15. Division II Game of the Week - #1 Valdosta State Blazers vs. #2 Carson Newman Eagles - What will be the outcome of this quarterfinal matchup? (6 points)
Correct5%a. Blazers win by 15+
20%b. Blazers win by 11-14
40%c. Blazers win by 6-10
0%d. Blazers win by 1-5
10%e. Eagles win by 1-5
20%f. Eagles win by 6-10
5%g. Eagles win by 11-14
0%h. Eagles win by 15+
  Tiebreaker: How many combined yards of offense will their be in this weekend's MAC Championship game?
Correct 784

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