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Keep, trade or sell?
The Red Sox decided to sell Babe Ruth in 1920. And in 1998, the Dodgers traded away star catcher Mike Piazza to the Marlins for Gary Sheffield and Bobby Bonilla. As a GM, what are the six most important things to you about a third baseman — ranked in order of preference — when it comes to possibly adding them to your team? Assume that it's the All-Star Break, your talented team is 5 games back in the division, and you have plenty of minor league talent to trade for this player that you need badly as you just found out your third baseman is out for the season with an injury.
| Closed on 12/28/12 at 05:00PM
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Team Breakout:
Rank12 FansAvg (1st)
1.Offensive statistics4.0 (2)
2.Defensive statistics3.2 (1)
3.How has he performed in the clutch3.0 (3)
4.Health (past injuries...etc)2.8 (2)
5.Age2.3 (2)
6.Gives 100 percent all the time1.9
Also receiving votes:Leadership ability1.4 (1)
Can he play different positions1.0 (1)
Has he hit well at my home park0.9
Gets along with everyone0.2
How many tickets/jerseys will he sell0.2

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#1 | 694 days ago

Being a Mets fan, these are the criteria that matters with David Wright. because health, home park have hurt his production recently, and yet he put up solid numbers last year. And with Mets financial woes, his jersey selling has to be in play too. And like Derek Jeter, has to be a leader on the field and in the clubhouse.
1. Leadership ability  2. Offensive statistics  3. How has he performed in the clutch  4. Has he hit well at my home park  5. How many tickets/jerseys will he sell  6. Health (past injuries...etc)  
#2 | 693 days ago

But there's also Mr. October who was obviously clutch or Brooks Robinson's defense since my poll is regarding a 3rd baseman.
1. Offensive statistics  2. Gives 100 percent all the time  3. How has he performed in the clutch  4. Defensive statistics  5. Health (past injuries...etc)  6. Gets along with everyone  
#3 | 673 days ago

The reason i put age first was I was thinking like a baseball GM and a guy under team control for 7 years is worth alot more hten trying to find the same guy in Free Agency! Great Poll
1. Age  2. Offensive statistics  3. Defensive statistics  4. Can he play different positions  5. Has he hit well at my home park  6. Health (past injuries...etc)  

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