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Whose recent contract signing shocked you more? (Edited 01/28/13 04:43AM by SusanVette)
Their has always been signings in the Major Leagues that make you scratch your head as to what these teams are thinking, however some in the last 2 weeks make me wonder if the end of times really is upon us.  Which one of the choices below brings you to feel the same.
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17%a. B.J. Upton (Braves) 5 yr-$75m
42%b. David Wright(Mets)8yr-$140m
33%c. Jonathan Broxton(Reds)3yr-$21m
8%d. Evan Longoria(Rays)10yr-$137m
0%e. other

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#1 | 692 days ago

Upton's numbers make me curious to say the least however, the big issue for me with Wright and even Longoria are the years of the contracts especially considering their health.  Also for a team like the Mets that are always in the news for having so-called financial concerns, 1 player getting this money makes me wonder if that is another example of downplaying your bottom line in order to get people to feel sorry for you.
David Wright(Mets)8yr-$140m  
#2 | 692 days ago

I Don't Know Why In The Heck Broxton Gets That Contract, Something Smells Fishy...
Jonathan Broxton(Reds)3yr-$21m  
#3 | 686 days ago

I am shocked the Mets actually re-signed David and not keep Reyes. Although Tejada had a good year offensively and defensively at SS. But excited to since I know we won't be the NY version of the Marlins (low payroll, Class low-A talent on the field)
David Wright(Mets)8yr-$140m  
#4 | 625 days ago

Broxton is just not worth 7 miilion a year!!
Jonathan Broxton(Reds)3yr-$21m  

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