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Ultimate Big Ten Bowl Season Challenge
Predict the following questions for the Big Ten in the 2012-2013 bowl season....


Dec 28 - Meineke Car Care of Texas Bowl - Minnesota vs. Texas Tech

Dec 29 - Buffalo Wild Wings - Michigan State vs. TCU

Jan 1 - Gator Bowl - Northwestern vs. Mississippi State

Jan 1 - Heart of Dallas - Purdue vs. Oklahoma State

Jan 1 - Outback Bowl - Michigan vs. South Carolina

Jan 1 - Capital One Bowl - Nebraska vs. Georgia

Jan 1 - Rose Bowl - Wisconsin vs. Stanford

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  1. Which of these Big Ten teams will score the LEAST points? (tiebreaker - most total offensive yards) (6 points)
11%a. Minnesota (vs Texas Tech)
32%b. Michigan State (vs TCU)
5%c. Northwestern (vs Mississippi State)
Correct26%d. Purdue (vs Oklahoma State)
11%e. Michigan (vs South Carolina)
11%f. Nebraska (vs Georgia)
Correct5%g. Wisconsin (vs Stanford)
  2. Which of these Big Ten teams will allow the MOST amount of points? (tie-breaker - lowest total yards allowed) (6 points)
11%a. Minnesota (vs Texas Tech)
0%b. Michigan State (vs TCU)
16%c. Northwestern (vs Mississippi State)
Correct63%d. Purdue (vs Oklahoma State)
0%e. Michigan (vs South Carolina)
11%f. Nebraska (vs Georgia)
0%g. Wisconsin (vs Stanford)
  3. Which of these quarterbacks will have the LEAST total yards? (8 points)
5%a. Taylor Martinez - Nebraska (vs Georgia)
21%b. Denard Robinson - Michigan (vs South Carolina)
5%c. Kain Colter - Northwestern (vs Mississippi State)
21%d. Robert Marve - Purdue (vs Oklahoma State)
Correct37%e. Andrew Maxwell - Michigan State (vs TCU)
11%f. Phillip Nelson - Minnesota (vs Texas Tech)
  4. Which of these running backs will have the MOST yards rushing? (8 points)
37%a. Montee Ball - Wisconsin (vs Stanford)
0%b. Ameer Abdullah - Nebraska (vs Georgia)
5%c. Venric Mack - Northwestern (vs Mississippi State)
32%d. Donnell Kirkwood - Minnesota (vs Texas Tech)
Correct26%e. Le'Veon Bell - Michigan State (vs TCU)
0%f. Fitzgerald Toussaint - Michigan (vs South Carolina)
0%g. Akeem Shavers - Purdue (vs Oklahoma State)
  5. Which of these receivers will have the MOST amount of yards receiving? (8 points)
0%a. Kenny Bell - Nebraska (vs Georgia)
11%b. Jared Abbrederis - Wisconsin (vs Stanford)
Correct5%c. Jeremy Gallon - Michigan (vs South Carolina)
16%d. Antavian Edison - Purdue (vs Oklahoma State)
11%e. AJ Barker - Minnesota (vs Texas Tech)
21%f. Bennie Fowler - Michigan State (vs TCU)
37%g. Christian Jones - Northwestern (vs Mississippi State)
  6. Which of these games will have the smallest margin of victory? (8 points)
0%a. Minnesota vs. Texas Tech
Correct37%b. Michigan State vs. TCU
21%c. Northwestern vs. Mississippi State
5%d. Purdue vs. Oklahoma State
11%e. Michigan vs. South Carolina
16%f. Nebraska vs. Georgia
11%g. Wisconsin vs. Stanford
  7. Which of these Big Ten teams will have the most amount of total yards? (8 points)
16%a. Minnesota (vs Texas Tech)
0%b. Michigan State (vs TCU)
42%c. Northwestern (vs Mississippi State)
16%d. Purdue (vs Oklahoma State)
5%e. Michigan (vs South Carolina)
Correct16%f. Nebraska (vs Georgia)
5%g. Wisconsin (vs Stanford)
  8. Which of these defenses will have the most sacks + turnovers forced? (8 points)
5%a. Minnesota (vs Texas Tech)
32%b. Michigan State (vs TCU)
Correct21%c. Northwestern (vs Mississippi State)
0%d. Purdue (vs Oklahoma State)
16%e. Michigan (vs South Carolina)
11%f. Nebraska (vs Georgia)
16%g. Wisconsin (vs Stanford)
  9. What will be the most amount of points scored by one team from the Big 10? (8 points)
0%a. 29 or less
Correct16%b. 30-34
42%c. 35-39
42%d. 40-44
0%e. 45-49
0%f. 50-54
0%g. 55+
  10. How many bowl games will the Big Ten win? (10 points)
0%a. 0
16%b. 1
Correct53%c. 2
26%d. 3
5%e. 4
0%f. 5
0%g. 6+
  Tiebreaker: How many touchdowns will the Big Ten score during these 7 games?
Correct 20

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