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Who are you more sad for the J. Belcher family or his girlfriends family and parentless child?
Forget not that he murdered a person, and for the Chiefs to be inspired by a murderer is unacceptable.
| Closed on 01/22/13 at 05:00PM
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6 Fans 
0%a. J. Belcher Family
17%b. Kasandra Perkins Family
83%c. Zoey, their parentless child

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#1 | 624 days ago

Things like this, I have a hard time understanding.  News commentators said domestic violence and a gun.  I don't understand how someone can have "mental problems" or how Kasandras family/friends didn't know she was abused nor why the Coach or Belchers close team members obviously knew things weren't right with him.

I would hope I'd have the ability to notice anything different with a co-worker or family member and do everything in my power to prevent such a tragic thing.

I'm really sad for the child.  3 months old, no parents breaks my heart!  broken heart
Zoey, their parentless child  
#2 | 624 days ago

(Edited by RaiderSteeler15)
You are going to be sad whether you knew Jovan Belcher and/or Kassandra Perkins as well as the kids...  Point Blank....  The true victims are these kids...
Zoey, their parentless child  
#3 | 624 days ago

I feel sad most for the child.  I can relate to the domestic abuse on too many levels.  My cousin walked down the stairs at the age of 6 to go to school and found her parents dead, her dad had shot her mother and then shot himself.  She is now being raised by her aunt and uncle.  No one had a clue as to what was going on.  My son saw abuse at the age of 9 months and as a small child protected me because he remembered.  As far as law enforcement is concerned, it is like pulling teeth to get them to do something before the "bad" things finally happen.  It's a sad, disgusting situation.
Zoey, their parentless child  
#4 | 624 days ago

I'm most sorry that it is only a "news" story, because it was a "media-type" person involved. It will be talked about for a few weeks and then shuffled to the back. 
#5 | 615 days ago

F Belcher
Kasandra Perkins Family  

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