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Xmas Trivia *Comedy Edition*
Xmas Trivia *Comedy Edition* PhotoXmas Trivia *Comedy Edition* PhotoXmas Trivia *Comedy Edition* PhotoXmas Trivia *Comedy Edition* PhotoXmas Trivia *Comedy Edition* PhotoIt's that time of year. Some love it, some hate it. It is also the time of year movies are shoved down our throats. Thus, my idea for a series (yes, stfu) I give you the Comedy Xmas Movie trivia . BTW: If you do not like my choices, make your own friggin poll. HA HA HA HO HO HO (oh yeah, I give you a line from a xmas comedy, you choose the correct answer.
| Closed on 12/30/13 at 05:00PM
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 1. Francisco! That's fun to say! Francisco.....Frannncisco....Franciscooo (0 points)
5%a. Bad Santa
10%b. Polar Express
0%c. Xmas Vacation
85%d. ELF
0%e. Bah UMMM Bug
 2. I said, "NEXT", g**d*m***! This is not the DMV! (0 points)
90%a. Bad Santa
0%b. Polar Express
0%c. Xmas Vacation
5%d. Scrooged
5%e. Bah UMMM Bug
 3. What in the name of Mike? (0 points)
5%a. Bad Santa
55%b. Polar Express
10%c. Xmas Vacation
20%d. Scrooged
10%e. Bah UMMM Bug
 4. I did'nt know if I oughta go sailin' down no hill with nothin' between the ground and my brains but a piece of government plastic (0 points)
5%a. Elf
0%b. Bad Santa
5%c. Scrooged
85%d. XMAS Vacation
5%e. Bah UMMM Bug
 5. I never liked a girl well enough to give her twelve sharp knives. (0 points)
0%a. Bad Santa
0%b. Xmas Vacation
50%c. Scrooged
45%d. The Ref
5%e. Bah UMMM Bug