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It's Greek *WOMEN* to Me!
It's Greek *WOMEN* to Me! Photo It's Greek *WOMEN* to Me! Photo It's Greek *WOMEN* to Me! Photo It's Greek *WOMEN* to Me! PhotoI give to you a poll that has been sitting in my memory for about a month. Greek Women. Κύριε ἐλέησον (translation, Lord have Mercy) Kýrie eléēson (that's it spelled out) Ready!
| Closed on 12/31/12 at 05:00PM
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 1. Wife of Odysseus. (0 points)
70%a. Penelope
13%b. Pandora
13%c. Phaedra
0%d. Polyxena
4%e. UMMPA
 2. Sacrificed to the ghost of Achilles. (0 points)
35%a. Cassandra
22%b. Danae
35%c. Polyxena
4%d. Phaedra
4%e. UMMPA
 3. Wife of Perseus. (0 points)
 4. Abducted by Zeus. (0 points)
 5. Transformed into a man. (0 points)
 6. Unwitting killer of Hercules. (0 points)

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