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FCS Semi-Finals 12/14-15/2012
Friday December 14, 2012
  Georgia Southern (10-3, Road: 4-2) 8:00 pm EST
  North Dakota St. (12-1, Home: 7-1)  

Saturday December 15, 2012
  Sam Houston St. (10-3, Road: 5-3) 4:00 pm EST
  Eastern Wash. (11-2, Home: 7-0)  

Scored by maroon&gold4eve on 12/15/12 at 07:57AM | Closed on 12/14/12 at 08:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 8 | NCAAF | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
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 1. Who wins? Georgia Southern @ North Dakota St. (10 points)
6%a. Georgia Southern by 1-6
0%b. Georgia Southern by 7-12
0%c. Georgia Southern by 13-17
0%d. Georgia Southern by 18+
19%e. North Dakota St. by 1-6
69%f. North Dakota St. by 7-12
6%g. North Dakota St. by 13-17
0%h. North Dakota St. by 18+
 2. Who wins? Sam Houston St. @ Eastern Wash. (10 points)
0%a. Sam Houston St. by 1-6
19%b. Sam Houston St. by 7-12
0%c. Sam Houston St. by 13-17
0%d. Sam Houston St. by 18+
19%e. Eastern Wash. by 1-6
44%f. Eastern Wash. by 7-12
19%g. Eastern Wash. by 13-17
0%h. Eastern Wash. by 18+
 3. Which game has the most total points scored? (10 points)
13%a. Georgia Southern @ North Dakota St.
88%b. Sam Houston St. @ Eastern Wash.
 4. Which game has the largest margin of victory? (10 points)
44%a. Georgia Southern @ North Dakota St.
56%b. Sam Houston St. @ Eastern Wash.
 5. Which team scores the most points? (10 points)
0%a. Georgia Southern
19%b. North Dakota St.
13%c. Sam Houston St.
69%d. Eastern Wash.
 6. Which team scores the fewest points? (10 points)
 7. Which team has the most total yards of offense? (10 points)
 8. Which team defense gives up the FEWEST yards of offense? (10 points)
 Tiebreaker: How many total points will be scored in both games combined?

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