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NFL**Rank The Quarterbacks**Wildcard Weekend Edition**1/5-1/6

NFL**Rank The Quarterbacks**Wildcard Weekend Edition**1/5-1/6 Photo

Rank the 8 playoff QB's from most passing yards to lowest in the 4 games played on 1/5-1/6
Scored by Michael_G on 01/07/13 at 12:00PM | Closed on 01/05/13 at 04:30PM
FanIQ Pts? 8 | NFL, San Francisco 49ers, Indianapolis Colts | Prediction List
Team Breakout:
RankCorrect Answer23 FansPts
1.Andrew Luck (@ Baltimore)Aaron Rodgers (vs. Minnesota)1.0
2.Joe Flacco (vs. Indianapolis)Andrew Luck (@ Baltimore)1.2
3.Aaron Rodgers (vs. Minnesota)Matt Schaub (vs. Cincinnati)1.4
4.Matt Schaub (vs. Cincinnati)Andy Dalton (@ Houston)1.0
5.Russell Wilson (@ Washington)Russell Wilson (@ Washington)1.1
6.Christian Ponder (@ Green Bay)Robert Griffin III (vs. Seattle)0.8
7.Andy Dalton (@ Houston)Joe Flacco (vs. Indianapolis)0.8
8.Robert Griffin III (vs. Seattle)Christian Ponder (@ Green Bay)1.5