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Who had the greatest bowl game performance
This list of accomplishments comes from the article by Mark Bechtel called, "The 8 Debate" from Sports Illustrated's 12/31/2012 issue. I have listed them in the order he did. Rank your fave from #1 to #8 and add any others you think were better or should be on the list.
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Team Breakout:
Rank4 FansAvg (1st)
1.1. Vince Young, Texas 2006 Rose Bowl9.2 (3)
2.5. Matt Leinart, USC 2005 Orange Bowl8.0
3.2. Joe Montana, Notre Dame 1979 Cotton Bowl7.5 (1)
4.6. Tim Tebow, Florida 2010 Sugar Bowl7.0
5.4. Charles White, USC 1980 Rose Bowl5.5
6.7. Lee Roy Jordan, Alabama 1963 Orange Bowl4.5
7.8. Bobby Layne, Texas 1946 Cotton Bowl4.2
9.3. Dicky Moegle, Rice 1954 Cotton Bowl3.5

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