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How can the Cleveland Browns rebuild?
The Browns lose and gain so much talent each year it just seems to balance each other off how can they rebuild and stay strong?
| Closed on 02/05/13 at 05:00PM
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44%a. Coach Improvement
22%b. Free Agency
11%c. The Draft
22%d. Trading

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#1 | 651 days ago

FA starts with a good coach
Free Agency  
#2 | 639 days ago

we could do good if we got better players we already got a new coach
The Draft  
#3 | 638 days ago

You need to attract Free Agents, that starts with Chud...Norv Turner will also help as will Ray Horton.  They are making steps, but ultimately, Mike Lombardi will ruin the team via draft.  He's terrible.  
Free Agency  

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