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FanIQ NHL 2013 Season Prediction Superpoll (Edited 01/13/13 02:00PM by Scott)
Hey Puck Heads and Casual Fans - it's that time again!  The NHL and it's players union have finally come to their senses and a partial 2013 hockey season will indeed be played. Predict the following questions for the this upcoming NHL season and lay claim to being the best hockey fan on FanIQ.

Good luck

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Scored by Scott on 06/27/13 at 12:11PM | Closed on 01/19/13 at 01:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 21 | NHL, Atlantic, Central | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
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 1. Who will win the Atlantic Division? (5 points)
56%a. Pittsburgh Penguins
13%b. New Jersey Devils
44%c. New York Rangers
0%d. Philadelphia Flyers
0%e. New York Islanders
 2. Who will win the Northeast division? (5 points)
6%a. Montreal Canadiens
0%b. Ottawa Senators
100%c. Boston Bruins
6%d. Buffalo Sabres
0%e. Toronto Maple Leafs
 3. Who will win the Southeast division? (5 points)
56%a. Washington Capitals
19%b. Carolina Hurricanes
0%c. Florida Panthers
13%d. Winnipeg Jets
25%e. Tampa Bay Lightning
 4. Who will win the Central division? (5 points)
25%a. Detroit Red Wings
6%b. Nashville Predators
25%c. Chicago Blackhawks
0%d. Columbus Blue Jackets
56%e. St. Louis Blues
 5. Who will win the Northwest division? (5 points)
0%a. Minnesota Wild
13%b. Colorado Avalanche
6%c. Calgary Flames
0%d. Edmonton Oilers
94%e. Vancouver Canucks
 6. Who will win the Pacific division? (5 points)
44%a. San Jose Sharks
0%b. Anaheim Ducks
0%c. Dallas Stars
0%d. Phoenix Coyotes
69%e. Los Angeles Kings
 7. Who will get the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference? (8 points)
0%a. Washington Capitals
0%b. Philadelphia Flyers
25%c. Boston Bruins
44%d. Pittsburgh Penguins
0%e. Florida Panthers
13%f. New Jersey Devils
31%g. New York Rangers
0%h. Other (Canadiens, Hurricanes, Sabres, Lightning, Maple Leafs, Islanders, Jets, or Senators)
 8. Who will get the #1 seed in the Western Conference? (8 points)
19%a. Vancouver Canucks
6%b. San Jose Sharks
25%c. Detroit Red Wings
31%d. St. Louis Blues
13%e. Los Angeles Kings
19%f. Chicago Blackhawks
0%g. Minnesota Wild
0%h. Other (Coyotes, Oilers, Av's, Stars, Coyotes, Blue Jackets, Ducks, Flames )
 9. Which Eastern Conference team scores the most goals? (5 points)
6%a. Philadelphia Flyers
13%b. Boston Bruins
6%c. Tampa Bay Lightning
0%d. Toronto Maple Leafs
13%e. Ottawa Senators
19%f. Washington Capitals
50%g. Pittsburgh Penguins
6%h. Other
 10. Which Eastern Conference team allows the fewest goals? (5 points)
25%a. Boston Bruins
0%b. Washington Capitals
38%c. New York Rangers
6%d. Pittsburgh Penguins
19%e. Buffalo Sabres
25%f. New Jersey Devils
0%g. Florida Panthers
0%h. Other
 11. Which Western Conference team scores the most goals? (5 points)
31%a. Vancouver Canucks
38%b. Chicago Blackhawks
19%c. San Jose Sharks
6%d. Nashville Predators
0%e. Minnesota Wild
19%f. Detroit Red Wings
0%g. Los Angeles Kings
0%h. Other
 12. Which Western Conference team allows the fewest goals? (5 points)
25%a. Vancouver Canucks
6%b. Nashville Predators
25%c. Los Angeles Kings
0%d. San Jose Sharks
0%e. Phoenix Coyotes
19%f. Chicago Blackhawks
31%g. St. Louis Blues
6%h. Other
 13. MOST WINS by the best Eastern Conference team? (5 points)
25%a. 36 or higher
19%b. 35
19%c. 34
19%d. 33
19%e. 32
13%f. 31
0%g. 30 or lower
 14. MOST WINS by the best Western Conference team? (5 points)
19%a. 36 or higher
25%b. 35
38%c. 34
13%d. 33
6%e. 32
13%f. 31
0%g. 30 or lower
 15. The fewest WINS by a Eastern Conference team? (5 points)
 16. The fewest WINS by a Western Conference team? (5 points)
 17. The LOSER of the Eastern Conference Finals? (8 points)
 18. The LOSER of the Western Conference Finals? (8 points)
 19. The Eastern Conference Representative in the Finals is? (9 points)
 20. The Western Conference Representative in the Finals is? (9 points)
 21. The Stanley Cup Champions will be? (10 points)
 Tiebreaker: How many goals total will be scored in the Stanley Cup Finals (4-7 games East v. West)?

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