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Name that Tune,1-08 (Living in the 'Gulf Coast' USA)#2 (Edited 02/04/13 03:53AM by SusanVette)
Can you name the songs of the south, Texas,Mississippi,Alabama,Florida,Georgia--here are some lyrics to tunes from the classic rock era.
I give you a line,not necessary the first line,see if you can name that'Southern Fried Rock' tune.

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 1. Mountain 1970 - ___ if you know what I mean,____she taught me everything, way down around Vicksburg,around the Louisana way lives a cajun lady aboard the ____, you know she was a dancer,she moved better on wine while the rest of them dudes were getting th (0 points)
91%a. Mississippi Queen
0%b. Sweet Home Alabama
0%c. Sweet Hitchhiker
0%d. Brandy,You're a Fine Girl
0%e. Westbound #9
9%f. Foxey Lady
 2. CCR '69 - Left a good job in the city working for the man ev'ry night and day,but I never lost a minute of sleeping,worrying bout the way things might've been. Big wheel keep on turning__ keeps on burning, rollin'rollin'rollin' om the river. (0 points)
0%a. Down on the Corner
4%b. Born on the Bayou
96%c. Proud Mary
0%d. Green River
0%e. Lookin' out my Back Door
0%f. Bad Moon Rising
 3. Elvis'74 (written by Chuck Berry) - I left from Norfolk Virginia, California on my mind. I straddled thatGreyhound,rode into Raliegh and across the Caroline,halfway across Alabam' well the hound broke down and left us all stranded in downtown Birmingham. (0 points)
 4. Lynyrd Skynyrd'74 - Turn it up,big wheels keep onrolling,getting me home to see my kin,singing songs about the Southland,I miss Alabamy once again and I think its a sin,well I heard Mr.Young sing about her,well I heard ole Neil put her down, a southern ma (0 points)
 5. Eric Clapton '74 - My heart is leapin n the sun,my friends all saythat 'you're the one',let me get this one thing clear there ain't nothing goin' on down there. Her arms are open,open wide an invitation, a changing tide Icould remember not long ago we (0 points)
 6. ** #1 hit from 1973** - well Andy got scared and left the bar,walking home he didn't live far,you see Andy didn'thave many friends and he just lone him one...that's the night they hung an innocent man,don't trust yer soul to no backwood Southern lawyer (0 points)

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