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want to go back
Okay fellow iquers another pretty simple one I ave never gone to one of my high school reunions so my question is ,have you ever attended one of your high school reunions and if so how did that go if not do you think you might ever attend one
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40%a. yes
60%b. no
0%c. why
0%d. I didn't go to high school
0%e. other

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#2 | 654 days ago

I'll probably never go. Most of my friends from HS were either older, younger, or went to different schools. Very few people in my graduating class that I have any interest at all in talking to.
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#1 | 654 days ago

Was only three hours away in 2010 from my 20th reunion, but decided at the last minute not to go.  I stay in touch, mostly thru fb with a couple of friends.  High school was part of my past, and although I wish them all the best in the future, I doubt I will attend any in the future either. 
#2 | 654 days ago

I'll probably never go. Most of my friends from HS were either older, younger, or went to different schools. Very few people in my graduating class that I have any interest at all in talking to.
#3 | 654 days ago

NEVER WENT TO MINE.................didnt like alot of the LOSERS than.......WHY would i like em
#4 | 654 days ago

I've gone to one, and also a few get togethers..... I still talk to most of the folks I went to school with on a monthly basis.......
#5 | 654 days ago

I've been to 2.  Neither one were mine.
I hated all those stupid f*cks.

I do like perusing FB though.  The cliques are all fat or bald.  Makes me cheeky
#6 | 654 days ago

(Edited by Eric_)
My 10 year should be this year, so I'll tell you then. I'm mostly ambivalent at this point. They have to find me first.
#7 | 654 days ago

(Edited by Jess)
I went to my 10-year. My 20 was supposed to be last summer, but not only was I not available, they didn't have it anyway. Not sure why. Knowing my class, they'll wait until the next all-class and call it good, or have some strange random year like 23rd. I may go, I don't know. I'm still very close to a couple of people I graduated with, one of them being the class president (so in essence, the organizer of such things). It depends on how I feel about it when it comes along. 
#8 | 654 days ago
Nick__ (+)

(Edited by Nick__)
I didn't go to my 10 yr because I was still hanging around with a lot of my HS friends when that took place.

I did go to my 20 yr and it was great seeing most of the people that showed up.
#9 | 653 days ago

I didn't go to 10 or 20 or 25 year since I was out of the area, in another state, and now that I would have the opportunity to go to the 30th this year, I can't because the school closed it's door for good, last year! crying
#10 | 653 days ago

I went to my 20th, after 30 minutes I realized I had caught up with everyone. indecision

so, I did not go to my 30th. 

And thanks for giving Kevin and Jason this ammo to use against me. frown
#11 | 653 days ago

HA! - never went to any of them, wasnt to kool with too many except the basketball team and a few chicks- my HS years I wasted too busy doing grown things crying
#12 | 653 days ago

just went to my 30th and I must say how much I was remembered even though I was kind of a loner at high school. I took my wife and we just hang out with another couple most of the night. We had a blast though.
#13 | 653 days ago

NEVER.    most of the class was voted as being most likely to remain a douchebag.
#14 | 650 days ago

I've never gone to any of mine.  I graduated a year early along with 3 of my closest friends at the time.  I didn't really know my class other than just a handfull and they weren't coming back here to go so....didn't see the point in paying to hang around with a bunch of "we're better than everyone else" jerks.   
#15 | 650 days ago

I haven`t been back home since 74! I would attend one if I could remember where home was.blush
#16 | 650 days ago

I went to my 10th....and 20th....and 25th.  I did NOT go to my 30th because of the venue and the cost.  I belong to the local Rotary Club and we go to a country club every Thursday for lunch...cost me $17 for buffet lunch.  Our 30th was at the same country club....buffet style...and they were gonna charge $106 per PERSON!  The saddest thing is that I would have gotten the leftovers the following Thursday.

I was surprised at my 10th reunion, of the guys in my class was NOT a guy anymore...but looked like a guy in drag.  He wasn't any better at 20th, but at 25th, he/she looked more presentable as a woman.  We've had two transgendered men in my class, I came to find out later....

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