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FanIQ Super Bowl XLVII Super Poll (Edited 01/21/13 12:28PM by Scott)
It's down to two, only one can win be the Champion.  Can Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers lay claim to their 6th Super Bowl title or will Joe Flacco and the Ravens send Ray Lewis into retirement a 2 time Super Bowl champion?

FanIQ Super Bowl XLVII Super Poll <span style="font-size:12px;">(Edited 01/21/13 12:28PM by Scott)</span> Photo     VS.      FanIQ Super Bowl XLVII Super Poll <span style="font-size:12px;">(Edited 01/21/13 12:28PM by Scott)</span> Photo
Featured by: Kenne at 1/22/13 1:59PM
Scored by Scott on 02/03/13 at 11:17AM | Closed on 02/03/13 at 06:30PM
FanIQ Pts? 16 | NFL, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer29 Fans 
  1. Who will be leading at halftime? (8 points)
3%a. 49ers by 9+
3%b. 49ers by 5-8
48%c. 49ers by 1-4
10%d. Tied
24%e. Ravens by 1-4
7%f. Ravens by 5-8
Correct0%g. Ravens by 9+
  2. The winning team will score how many points? (6 points)
0%a. 15 or less
0%b. 16-19
14%c. 20-23
48%d. 24-27
14%e. 28-31
Correct14%f. 32-35
7%g. 36+
  3. The losing team will score how many points? (6 points)
0%a. 14 or less
17%b. 15-18
34%c. 19-22
34%d. 23-26
7%e. 27-30
Correct0%f. 31-34
3%g. 35+
  4. How many total touchdowns in the game (Both teams) (5 points)
3%a. 3 or less
14%b. 4
34%c. 5
28%d. 6
Correct10%e. 7
3%f. 8
3%g. 9+
  5. How many total field goals in the game (Both teams) (5 points)
0%a. 0
7%b. 1
28%c. 2
41%d. 3
10%e. 4
Correct7%f. 5
3%g. 6+
  6. Which of these player(s) will have the most tackles? (6 points)
24%a. Patrick Willis - San Francisco 49ers
28%b. Ray Lewis - Baltimore Ravens
3%c. Navarro Bowman - San Francisco 49ers
3%d. Terrell Suggs + Cary Williams - Baltimore Ravens
14%e. Ahmad Brooks + Donte Whitner - San Francisco 49ers
Correct14%f. Ed Reed + Dannell Ellerbe - Baltimore Ravens
10%g. Dashon Golden + Aldon Smith - San Francisco 49ers
0%h. Corey Graham + Bernard Pollard - Baltimore Ravens
  7. Key Matchup - Joe Flacco vs. Colin Kaepernick - Which quarterback will have the MOST yards passing? (7 points)
3%a. Flacco by 1-25
14%b. Flacco by 26-50
38%c. Flacco by 51-75
14%d. Flacco by 76+
Correct7%e. Kaepernick by 1-25
14%f. Kaepernick by 26-50
3%g. Kaepernick by 51-75
3%h. Kaepernick by 76+
  8. Key Match Up- 49ers rushing offense vs. Ravens run defense - How many yards rushing will the 49ers have in this game? (7 points)
0%a. 75 or less
3%b. 76-100
31%c. 101-125
38%d. 126-150
14%e. 151-175
Correct3%f. 176-200
7%g. 201+
  9. Key Matchup - Ray Lewis vs San Francisco 49ers offense - How many tackles will Ray Lewis get in his final game as a Baltimore Raven? (8 points)
10%a. 4 or less
3%b. 5
24%c. 6
Correct31%d. 7
10%e. 8
0%f. 9
17%g. 10+
  10. Reception - Which of these receivers will have the MOST yards receptions? (6 points)
Correct24%a. Michael Crabtree - San Francisco 49ers
14%b. Torrey Smith - Baltimore Ravens
24%c. Vernon Davis - San Francisco 49ers
21%d. Anquan Boldin - Baltimore Ravens
0%e. Randy Moss + Delanie Walker - San Francisco 49ers
10%f. Jacoby Jones + Dennis Pitta - Baltimore Ravens
3%g. Frank Gore + Ted Ginn Jr + LaMichael James - San Francisco 49ers
0%h. Ed Dickson + Ray Rice + Vonta Leach - Baltimore Ravens
  11. How many different players, both teams combined, will have at least 1 catch in the Super Bowl? (6 points)
14%a. 8 or less
10%b. 9
14%c. 10
31%d. 11
Correct10%e. 12
3%f. 13
14%g. 14+
  12. What will be the sack difference between the 49ers defense and the Ravens defense? (6 points)
7%a. 49ers by 3+
31%b. 49ers by 2
21%c. 49ers by 1
21%d. Even
Correct7%e. Ravens by 1
10%f. Ravens by 2
0%g. Ravens by 3+
  13. Turnover difference? (6 points)
3%a. 49ers by 3+
17%b. 49ers by 2
Correct31%c. 49ers by 1
10%d. Even
17%e. Ravens by 1
17%f. Ravens by 2
0%g. Ravens by 3
  14. Will any of these uncommon ways to score happen in this game? (8 points)
28%a. Interception for touchdown
3%b. Fumble recovery for touchdown
Correct10%c. Kickoff return for TD
10%d. Punt return for TD
0%e. Blocked Kick/Punt for TD
31%f. Field Goal of 50+
Correct3%g. Safety
10%h. None of these will happen
  15. How will the first points of the Super Bowl be scored? (8 points)
34%a. 49ers rushing touchdown
3%b. Ravens rushing touchdown
10%c. 49ers receiving touchdown
Correct10%d. Ravens receiving touchdown
0%e. 49ers defensive touchdown
0%f. Ravens defensive touchdown
21%g. 49ers field goal, safety or special teams touchdown
17%h. Ravens field goal, safety or special teams touchdown
  16. The Big Question: Who wins? (10 points)
3%a. 49ers by 17+
10%b. 49ers by 9-16
28%c. 49ers by 5-8
21%d. 49ers by 1-4
Correct17%e. Ravens by 1-4
14%f. Ravens by 5-8
3%g. Ravens by 9-16
0%h. Ravens by 17+
  Tiebreaker: Total combined yards in Super Bowl XLVII? (Both teams)
Correct 835

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