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SUPER BOWL XLVII**San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens**
 SUPER BOWL XLVII**San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens** Photo

Team Breakout:
Correct Answer23 Fans 
  1. Who has more passing yards (10 points)
Correct30%a. Colin Kaepernick
70%b. Joe Flacco
  2. Which RB tandem has more rushing yards (10 points)
Correct78%a. Frank Gore/LaMichael James
22%b. Ray Rice/Bernard Pierce
  3. Who has more receiving yards (10 points)
22%a. Vernon Davis
Correct17%b. Michael Crabtree
0%c. Randy Moss
0%d. Other 49ers player
30%e. Torrey Smith
30%f. Anquan Boldin
0%g. Dennis Pita
0%h. Other Ravens player
  4. Which team records more sacks (10 points)
57%a. San Francisco 49ers
Correct39%b. Baltimore Ravens
4%c. Tie
  5. Who has more tackles (10 points)
Correct39%a. Patrick Willis
13%b. NaVarro Bowman
4%c. Donte Whitner
9%d. Aldon Smith
22%e. Ray Lewis
13%f. Ed Reed
0%g. Cary Williams
0%h. Bernard Pollard
  6. Which team commits more turmovers (10 points)
Correct52%a. San Francisco 49ers
39%b. Baltimore Ravens
9%c. Tie
  7. How are the first points scored (10 points)
22%a. 49ers rushing TD
17%b. 49ers passing TD
30%c. 49ers field goal
0%d. Other score for the 49ers
0%e. Ravens rushing TD
Correct17%f. Ravens passing TD
13%g. Ravens field goal
0%h. other score for the Ravens
  8. Who wins (10 points)
13%a. 49ers by 1-4
22%b. 49ers by 5-8
17%c. 49ers by 9-12
0%d. 49ers by 13+
Correct26%e. Ravens by 1-4
22%f. Ravens by 5-8
0%g. Ravens by 9-12
0%h. Ravens by 13+
  Tiebreaker: Number of points scored in the game
Correct 65

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