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Knight Rider
Knight Rider Photo I watched this show (yes i did) Let's Play!
| Closed on 02/24/13 at 05:00PM
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 1. What was K.I.T.T. make and model (0 points)
8%a. 57 Chevy
0%b. 61 Chevy
92%c. Customized 82 Pontiac Trans-Am
0%d. Honda Motorcycle
0%e. Umm
 2. Who played Maggie's son? (0 points)
15%a. Ron Howard
0%b. Jerry mathers
54%c. Barrett Oliver
31%d. Brad Pitt
0%e. Umm
 3. Who executive produced Knight Rider? (0 points)
31%a. Stephen Spielberg
0%b. Tim Burton
8%c. Ron Howard
62%d. Glen A LLarsen
0%e. Umm
 4. Who said:" my journey has ended...Your's has just begun"? (0 points)
23%a. Wilton Knight
46%b. Devon Miles
31%c. Michael Knight
0%d. Buddy
0%e. Umm
 5. In the episode "Trust Doesn't Rust", who provided the voice of K.A.R.R.? (0 points)
62%a. Peter Cullen
0%b. Edward Mulhare
23%c. David Hasselhoff
15%d. Larry Anderson
0%e. Umm
 6. Who played Michael Long? (0 points)
0%a. Larry King
15%b. Larry Lawler
62%c. Larry Anderson
23%d. Larry Michaels
0%e. Umm

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