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Dynasty...Duck Style (Edited 01/28/13 05:03AM by SusanVette)
 Dynasty...Duck Style <span style="font-size:12px;">(Edited 01/28/13 05:03AM by SusanVette)</span> Photo
Series introduces the Robertsons,a Louisiana bayou family living the American dream.
| Closed on 02/28/13 at 05:00PM
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 1. What do the Robertsons do for a living? (0 points)
0%a. Make bows and arrows
94%b. Make duck calls and decoys
0%c. Make hunting/fishing stuff
6%d. Happy Happy Happy
0%e. Beans knows
0%f. Ummmm
 2. What is the Dad and Moms names? (0 points)
67%a. Phil and Miss Kay
17%b. Si and Kay
11%c. Bob and Betty
6%d. Happy Happy Happy
0%e. Beans knows
0%f. Ummmm
 3. What are the 3 sons names? (0 points)
6%a. Simon, Sid and Steve
89%b. Willie, Jase and Jep
6%c. Phil, Si and Will
0%d. Happy Happy Happy
0%e. Beans Beans and more Beans
0%f. Ummmm
 4. What does the 4th son do? (0 points)
44%a. Films footage
11%b. Loafer that lives off the family
33%c. Former minister growing a beard to join in on the show
0%d. Happy Happy Happy
11%e. Grows beans
0%f. Ummmm
 5. Who is the Duck Commander? (CEO) (0 points)
17%a. Phil
56%b. Willie
11%c. Jase
17%d. Si
0%e. Happy Happy Happy
0%f. Beans!!

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