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Top 5ive Twice (Edited 02/04/13 02:43PM by Jess)
Break out poll, since the question turned into to a hijacking situation in another thread.

Which professional athlete do you consider to be on two different teams all-time top 5 list?

For example: Wilt Chamberlain PHI & LA
Top 5ive Twice <span style="font-size:12px;">(Edited 02/04/13 02:43PM by Jess)</span> Photo

Got it? Good. Go!

(Note: If Bo hadn't torn up his hip, he may have made it across two sports. I stand by that statement.)
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33%a. This player
11%b. That player
17%c. Gary Player (Huh? ...Gets the people going)
39%d. Other (Beans is in everyone's top 5)