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Random Trivia! 9
I love all things trivia.


Don't cheat.
| Closed on 02/28/13 at 07:00PM
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 1. Who was the original choice to play Indiana Jones? (0 points)
4%a. Sam Elliot
89%b. Tom Selleck
0%c. James Garner
7%d. Mark Harmon
 2. How many eyes does a butterfly have? (0 points)
29%a. 12,000
21%b. 2
18%c. 36
32%d. 4
 3. Who is the world's best selling author of all time? (0 points)
11%a. Agatha Christie
39%b. Danielle Steele
21%c. William Shakespeare
29%d. J.K. Rowling
 4. What is the name of Cupid's (Eros') wife? (0 points)
7%a. Juno
32%b. Venus
29%c. Psyche
32%d. Aura
 5. Which woman enlisted as a man and fought in the American Revolutionary War ? (0 points)
4%a. Betsy Ross
36%b. Deborah Samson
11%c. Susan B. Anthony
50%d. Molly "Pitcher" Hays McCauley
 6. What golfer has never won an U.S. open? (0 points)
29%a. Sam Snead
18%b. Lee Janzen
18%c. Arnold Palmer
36%d. Lee Trevino