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Hurricanes at Senators 2/7/13

Really no time to right anything witty, I'm just happy to get the poll up. (twss)


Let's Go Canes!!

Scored by hskrdave on 02/10/13 at 12:15AM | Closed on 02/07/13 at 07:30PM
FanIQ Pts? 8 | NHL, Carolina Hurricanes, Ottawa Senators | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Teams:  Carolina Hurricanes | Ottawa Senators
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer8 Fans 
  1. Who Will Win the Game? (10 points)
Correct63%a. Canes by 1 (includes shootout)
0%b. Canes by 2
0%c. Canes by 3+
13%d. Senators by 1 (includes shootout)
25%e. Senators by 2
0%f. Senators by 3+
  2. Which Hurricane Scores a Goal? (not most, any goal, more than 1 may be correct) (10 points)
13%a. Jeff Skinner
50%b. Eric Staal
Correct13%c. Jay Harrison
Correct0%d. Alexander Semin
0%e. Patrick Dwyer
0%f. Justin Faulk
25%g. No Goals or None of these
  3. Which Hurricanes Records an Assist? (10 points)
Correct38%a. Jordan Staal
25%b. Joni Pitkanen
13%c. Zac Dalpe
Correct0%d. Eric Staal
Correct0%e. Jay Harrison
13%f. Alexander Semin
13%g. No Assists or None of these
  4. Which Senator Scores a Goal? (10 points)
0%a. Kyle Turris
Correct0%b. Erik Carlsson
50%c. Jason Spezza
25%d. Chris Phillips
0%e. Chris Neil
13%f. Milan Michalek
13%g. No Goals or None of these
  5. Which Senator Records an Assist? (10 points)
Correct25%a. Sergei Gonchar
38%b. Daniel Alfredsson
13%c. Milan Michalek
0%d. Marc Methot
13%e. Jason Spezza
0%f. Erik Karlsson
13%g. No Assists or None of these
  6. Most Shots on Goal By Difference? (10 points)
38%a. Senators 1-6
25%b. 7-12
Correct0%c. 13+
0%d. Even
38%e. Canes 1-6
0%f. 7-12
0%g. 13+
  7. Most Penalty Minutes by Difference (10 points)
25%a. Senators 1-4
0%b. 5-8
0%c. 9+
13%d. Even
Correct63%e. Canes 1-4
0%f. 5-8
0%g. 9+
  8. Total Saves by Difference in Game (10 points)
13%a. Anderson Bishop 1-6
0%b. 7-12
0%c. 13+
88%d. Ward/Ellis 1-6
0%e. 7-12
Correct0%f. 13+
  Tiebreaker: Total Goals of Game (does not include shootout)
Correct 5

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#1 | 627 days ago

Hey do these work.. I keep getting to resubmit. It also it is not showing om the home page as completed.. 
1. Canes by 1 (includes shootout)  2. No Goals or None of these  3. No Assists or None of these  4. No Goals or None of these  5. No Assists or None of these  6. Canes 1-6  7. Senators 1-4   8. Anderson Bishop 1-6  
#2 | 627 days ago

orangemen90 wrote:
Hey do these work.. I keep getting to resubmit. It also it is not showing om the home page as completed.. 
They should be going through.  I know if you submit very quickly, and jump back into the poll it might show you haven't taken it.  Not sure about it showing as completed, but it won't show scored until I score it.  Also I need at least 8 people per poll in order for it to qualify.

Thanks for taking it.
1. Canes by 1 (includes shootout)  2. Eric Staal  3. Alexander Semin  4. Jason Spezza  5. Sergei Gonchar  6. 7-12  7. Canes 1-4  8. Ward/Ellis 1-6  

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