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The Jersey Spore
According to the Silicon Valley Mercury News, the Golden State Warriors will unveil new uniforms featuring sleeved jerseys that look suspiciously like the ones worn by footballers in Europe.

The Jersey Spore Photo

This can only spawn one thing in my opinion, making the uniforms more accessible to a wider audience leading to advertisers splashing their name across the front of it, basically overshadowing the team itself. (see Premiership)

The question: How do you feel about the new look and would you purchase a team jersey with a predominant corporate logo on it that isn't related to the sport or team. Budweiser Cowboys? Dodge Pirates? Apple Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim , etc.

Got it? Good. GoDaddy!
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#1 | 617 days ago

I sort of like it with just the team name.

If it winds up with a bunch of corporate logos all over it...forget it.
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#1 | 617 days ago

I sort of like it with just the team name.

If it winds up with a bunch of corporate logos all over it...forget it.
#2 | 617 days ago

Lobotomy Jones wrote:
I sort of like it with just the team name.

If it winds up with a bunch of corporate logos all over it...forget it.
This is where it's heading

and I agree with you.
#3 | 617 days ago

So are you suggesting that sponsorships should fit the team and reputation, so maybe the S.W.A.T.S Ravens? Chico Bail Bonds Bengals?
#4 | 617 days ago

No. If I want a Bud shirt, or (lol) DirecTv, I will screen buy one......

yesawesome poll
#5 | 617 days ago

just the team name....sponsor all over it just make it .....yuk
#6 | 617 days ago

#7 | 617 days ago

(Edited by WISAC1)
no way.    but if  David Stern sees a way to make a buck i'm sure it will happen.  and I nominate the Milwaukee Bucks to be sponsored by  PETCO.. have a big "pooper scooper" right across the front.    cool
#8 | 617 days ago

#9 | 617 days ago

Adidas will soon be providing Louisville, Kansas, UCLA, and Baylor (among others) with jerseys like these.

And I'm not much of a Jersey girl.  I'll sport the t'shirts.
#10 | 617 days ago

That thing looks absolutely horrible.
#11 | 617 days ago

(Edited by The_Real_Stoney)
somebody's alma mater has been rocking sleeves for decades
**Granted they're not as "fabulous" as the Warriors jerseys

#12 | 616 days ago

(Edited by Jess)
I love jerseys and buy them relatively often. If they start splattering them with corporate logos etc. that will change. I won't buy another jersey. I used to want a Seahawks practice jersey until they started having the stupid Bing logo on I have no desire to buy one. It's actually the primary reason I've never purchased a Sounders jersey (for myself; my husband has one).

As for the Warriors jerseys - I don't like them even without considering the possibility of a corporate logo. The main thing I've always liked about basketball jerseys is the style.
#13 | 616 days ago

(Edited by kobe_lova)
Those look mighty tight on the arms.  No.  If they are normal sleeves like in Stoney's pic, maybe, but those are ugly, too so they need to look better.  I don't even wear my jerseys anymore but when I did, I wore a tshirt under it anyway because I love tshirts and people shouldn't see your arms.  I would never buy a sports jersey, tee, anything with a corporate logo/name on it.  If I want to advertise for them, I'll just buy theirs.  Speaking of, I really need to go get my Apple Jacks and Hogwarts tees.

(no way those are the only 2 tags Nyce had)
#14 | 616 days ago

I don't mind the look of the jersey, but, I'm with the rest of you, no to the logos. If I want a Nike shirt I'll buy one. 
#15 | 616 days ago
Nick__ (+)

#16 | 616 days ago

Tiger_Pride2 wrote:
That thing looks absolutely horrible.
Harrison Barnes can pull anything off.
#17 | 616 days ago

I find it interesting that there are so many who are taken back by the 'threat' of adverts on their jerseys. The very clothing that you already wear day-to-day is an advert for that clothing company. Tapout shirts, Nike, Hurley, Jordans, etc. Adverts are present in every facet of our sports, but the jerseys are now sacred?

I believe that these jerseys are under no threat to become the billboards as the original poster pointed out. By adding sleaves it allows me to buy the jersey and not have to put a sleaved shirt on underneath.
#18 | 616 days ago

#19 | 616 days ago

kobe_lova wrote:

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