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have you lost your senses
Okay fellow iquers just visited a friend in the hospital 45ish years old.Had some type of accident at work ,his wive didn't go into much detail,but the accident left him blind for now,they aren't sure if he will regain any of his vision or not they say it is to early to tell.So that got me thinking not  that any of our five senses(feel,smell,taste,sight,hearing) would be good to lose ,but which one of those five do you think you would have the hardest time dealing without it,and why
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9%a. touch
0%b. taste
18%c. smell
55%d. sight
18%e. hearing

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#1 | 616 days ago

I don't think I can handle not seeing many of these...
#2 | 616 days ago

Some of my enemies would say I haven't felt anything in years. 
#3 | 616 days ago

SIGHT...........without that what would you have..................crying
#4 | 616 days ago

SIGHT...........without that what would you have..................crying
#5 | 615 days ago

I think the first comment and picture in this poll says it all
#6 | 615 days ago

Feelings are overrated, especially after a divorce or two. Yeah, I know you mean the sense of touch, but still...

Losing the sense of smell, well, that could be a plus with having to work in a complex that has restrooms open to the public. 

I have a friend who had cancer on his vocal chords, the cancer is gone but they have fried his sense of taste. He eats because he knows he has to but doesn't enjoy it anymore. I guess that would be #3 on the list of the worst.

Sight and hearing would alternate from 1st and 2nd as the worst sense to lose. There are a lot of great things to see on this planet and I'm not finished looking at them. Hearing would be tough, listening to music and playing music have become such a part of me that it may be the one I want to hold onto until the end.

My plan is to keep them all as long as possible. Sorry about your friend, I hope a really great thing happens and he receives some if not all of his sight back.
#7 | 614 days ago
Nick__ (+)


There's way too much sh** out there!
#8 | 611 days ago

Sight would be the worse to me. Too much beauty on this Earth...and it would be very hard to deal with not being able to see it anymore.

Taste & Smell would be 2nd - they kinda go together

Hearing - I already have some hearing loss from loud Big N Rich says...I LOVE MY COUNTRY MUSIC AND I LIKE IT LOUD!!  :)

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