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How's the Weather? (Edited 02/17/13 03:54PM by SusanVette)
okay fellow iquers here in Charlotte our weather forecaster are not always right on this morning they said there be a little snow in the North Carolina mountains most everywhere else esp. Charlotte,just rain .We now have 3 inches of snow on the ground and it is still snowing I think I will put in for a weathermans job.So tell me what was the biggest mis forecast of weather in your area that you can remember happening
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25%a. I rember this one
0%b. I rember that one
13%c. Our weather is always perfect
25%d. cubs win cubs win
38%e. other

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#1 | 611 days ago

The weather is South Florida is well .. always the same of just about... we have a freeze warning out over the everglades tonight.. but should be back to 70's before long...
cubs win cubs win  
#2 | 611 days ago

1985...Hurricane Gloria....I was in first year of Med School in Philly....they were worried about it there, but it went up the coast and all it did was increase the wave heights
I rember this one  
#3 | 609 days ago

cant say I heard the forecast holiday season of 82 but was coming home from Manheim Germany where the temps were 18 below zero and I got to NY  it was 85 degrees
#4 | 609 days ago

Some hurricane (too many to remember the name, maybe Irene?) wasn't supposed to be as bad or come here, but it turned and kicked our butts.   We didn't even board up or prepare for anything.   Never again.  Watched trees and stuff float by.   20 inches of rain.  Our house was the only one on our block that didn't flood.   Highest elevation.    

I rember this one  
#5 | 609 days ago

Just the other day forcasters predicted cold hard rain, but I drove home from work with the rag top down.
#6 | 608 days ago
Nick__ (+)

(Edited by Nick__)
We have had 3 seasons happen in 1 day, here in Chicago.  I remember a day that started out in the 70's, dropped to the 40's by mid-afternoon and then snowed at night.

Our Weather folks are pretty accurate when it comes to the temps and precipitation, for the most part, so, I don't think there has been a big miss?
cubs win cubs win  

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