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Predict the Seed - Mid Majors - Part 1 (Edited 02/25/13 05:50PM by Scott)
With Selection Sunday fast approaching, it's time to see if FanIQ can correctly pick which teams will get what seeds for the 2013 NCAA Tournament.  For those that dont follow college basketball on a regular basis or are new to the sport, here's all you need to know about what this poll is asking.  The NCAA tournament is split into four regions and each region has teams seeded 1–16.  What I want you to do is predict which teams from the different NCAA basketball conferences will get what seeds. 

Remember, there is a possibilty that the same conference can have more then one #1 seed, #2 seed, #3 seed, etc.

Also, if you think that one or more of these teams wont make the NCAA tournament, put a 17 as your answer
Scored by Scott on 03/17/13 at 08:43AM | Closed on 03/07/13 at 04:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 15 | NCAABB | Numeric Input Prediction Poll
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