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Who's on your Mount Rushmore of Sports?
I know we've done this for Football and probably Baseball and Basketball. I don't think we've covered hockey. But I thought it might be cool to make it even tougher to pick just four people; players, coaches, owners, anybody who has impacted sports for you. 

Who's on your Mount Rushmore of Sports? Photo

So pick anyone from any of the sports you love. It can be four people from the same sport or from all different sports. Who's on your Rushmore?
Featured by: Jess at 2/20/13 5:09PM
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0%a. I pick these four from one sport
56%b. I pick these from different sports
11%c. I don't want to play
33%d. Other

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#1 | 617 days ago

Wow! I'll be back...
#2 | 617 days ago

My baseball hero, Bill Freehan. I fell in love with baseball in the mid 1960s, and the Tigers were my life, every day, even in the winter.

Bo Schembechler, Michigan Football, my favorite coach. Everything Bo did came with passion, passion for Michigan, passion for Michigan Football.

Steve Yzerman, my favorite hockey player. He was a great goal scorer, 55 goals one year. He changed his game, became a great 2-way player, became the best Captain in the NHL, and led the Red Wings to 3 Stanley Cups.

Cazzie Russell was a 3-time All-American at Michigan in the mid 1960s. Crisler Arena was built because of Russell. He loved playing hoops for the Wolverines, and has returned to help the program. Go Blue!

Four sports stars, just four, a tough choice to make.

I have great passion for my teams, no matter what. Win, or lose, I love my teams and my players.

I pick these from different sports  
#3 | 617 days ago

Top of my head" Joe Theisman (football)
                               Shirley Muldowney (racing)
                               Mia Hamm (soccer)
                               Kerri Walsh (beach volleyball)
I pick these from different sports  
#4 | 616 days ago

Vince Lombardi, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Magic Johnson (or Dominique Wilkins)...maybe my wall has 5 people, idk.
#5 | 616 days ago

John Wooden (his pyramid idea, books, and influence have made people better...not to mention he was one heck of a coach)
Wayne Gretzky (he helped spread hockey love)
Jackie Robinson (takes the right person to break down walls and turn the other cheek)
Jerry Buss (10 championships while owner, Show Time master mind, NBA popularity......AND I've not heard ONE negative comment about him as an employer or team owner)
#6 | 616 days ago

....................................BADGERS AND A CUB................yes
#7 | 616 days ago

I'm doing two one for coaches one for players

Coaches: John Wooden, Bear Bryant, Joe McCarthy, Toe Blake

Players: Jordan, Gretzky, Ruth, Jim Brown
#8 | 615 days ago

Tom Osborne, John Wooden, Scotty Bowman and Bill Walsh.
I pick these from different sports  
#9 | 591 days ago

Adolph Rupp, Jamal  Mashburn, Barry Sanders,  Ken Griffey Jr.                                                                                                                             

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