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Über Sports Challenge : March 1 - March 4
This is a poll that asks questions about all different kinds of sports, some you may know about and some that you may not.  Plain and simple, Predict the answers to these questions and see if you have what it takes to be considered an all around fan sports fan

Good luck to everyone this week!

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1st - Scott

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3rd - cubfanbudman

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Scored by Scott on 03/04/13 at 05:28AM | Closed on 03/01/13 at 07:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 15 | General Sports | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Correct Answer14 Fans 
  1. Indoor Football League - Which of these teams will score the MOST points in their respective weekend games? (8 points)
0%a. Texas Revolution (at Cedar Rapids Titans)
7%b. Cedar Rapids Titans (vs Texas Revolution)
14%c. Tri-Cities Fever (at Colorado Ice)
14%d. Colorado Ice (vs Tri-Cities Fever)
29%e. Green Bay Blizzard (at Chicago Slaughter)
21%f. Chicago Slaughter (vs Green Bay Blizzard)
Correct14%g. Sioux Falls Storm (at Nebraska Danger)
0%h. Nebraska Danger (vs Sioux Falls Storm)
  2. Auto Racing - How many cars will finish on the lead lap at this weekend's Subway Fresh Fit 500? (5 points)
0%a. 8 or less
0%b. 9-11
7%c. 12-14
36%d. 15-17
50%e. 18-20
Correct7%f. 21-23
0%g. 24+
  3. Boxing - Vacant WBA lightweight title - Richard Abril vs. Sharif Bogere - 03.02.13 - What will be the outcome of this fight? (5 points)
21%a. Abril wins by KO
Correct14%b. Abril wins by decision
0%c. Draw or No Contest
43%d. Bogere wins by KO
21%e. Bogere wins by decision
  4. Soccer - Spanish La Liga - Real Madrid vs. Barcelona - 03.02.13 - What will be the outcome between these two rivals? (2 points)
Correct29%a. Real Madrid wins
7%b. Draw
64%c. Barcelona wins
  5. Soccer - Major League Soccer - Which of these matches will have the MOST goals scored? (9 points)
7%a. Philadelphia Union v Kansas City
0%b. Vancouver Whitecaps v Toronto FC
36%c. Houston v DC United
21%d. FC Dallas v Colorado
14%e. Seattle Sounders FC v Montreal Impact
14%f. Chivas USA v Columbus
Correct7%g. Portland Timbers v New York Red Bulls
0%h. Los Angeles v Chicago
  6. NHL - Chicago Blackhawks at Detroit Red Wings - 03.03.13 - What will be the outcome of this Central division clash? (6 points)
29%a. Blackhawks win in regulation
14%b. Blackhawks win in overtime
Correct0%c. Blackhawks win in a shootout
43%d. Red Wings win in regulation
14%e. Red Wings win in overtime
0%f. Red Wing win in a shootout
  7. NHL - How many shorthanded goals will be scored in the 18 games being played on Saturday and Sunday? (5 points)
0%a. 0
0%b. 1
7%c. 2
21%d. 3
Correct64%e. 4
7%f. 5
0%g. 6+
  8. Golf - What will be the LOWEST score shot in the final round of this weekend's Honda Classic? (6 points)
0%a. 60 or lower
0%b. 61
14%c. 62
29%d. 63
36%e. 64
14%f. 65
Correct7%g. 66+
  9. NBA - Oklahoma City Thunder at Los Angeles Clippers - 03.03.13 - Which team wins this Western Conference clash? (2 points)
Correct36%a. Oklahoma City Thunder
64%b. Los Angeles Clippers
  10. NBA - Blazers guard Damian Lillard leads all rookies in scoring. How many points will Lillard score when the Blazers host the Minnesota Timberwolves on Saturday night? (5 points)
0%a. 5 or less
7%b. 6-10
7%c. 11-15
43%d. 16-20
Correct36%e. 21-25
0%f. 26-30
7%g. 31+
  11. NCAA - Women's Tennis - #4 Florida Gators at #10 Texas A&M Aggies - 03.03.13 - What will be the outcome of this match? (8 points)
0%a. Gators win 7-0
0%b. Gators win 6-1
43%c. Gators win 5-2
21%d. Gators win 4-3
Correct29%e. Aggies win 4-3
7%f. Aggies win 5-2
0%g. Aggies win 6-1
0%h. Aggies win 7-0
  12. NCAA Women's Basketball - Which of these games will have the SMALLEST margin of victory? (9 points)
14%a. #17 UCLA at Arizona State - 03.01.13
7%b. Texas at #23 Oklahoma State - 03.02.13
Correct7%c. Villanova at #21 Syracuse - 03.02.13
21%d. #25 Green Bay at Illinois-Chicago - 03.02.13
14%e. Florida at #15 South Carolina - 03.03.13
7%f. #19 Florida State at Virginia - 03.03.13
0%g. Vanderbilt at #13 Georgia - 03.03.13
29%h. Illinois at #22 Purdue - 03.03.13
  13. NCAA Men's Basketball - #8 Louisville Cardinal at #13 Syracuse Orange - 03.02.13 - Which team wins this Big East showdown? (2 points)
Correct50%a. #8 Louisville Cardinal
50%b. #13 Syracuse Orange
  14. NCAA Men's Basketball - Which of these games will have the LEAST amount of points scored? (9 points)
Correct0%a. Maryland at Wake Forest
7%b. Ohio at Bowling Green
14%c. George Mason at Delaware
14%d. UTEP at Rice
14%e. Detroit at Illinois-Chicago
14%f. St. Peter's at Niagara
21%g. UNLV at Nevada
14%h. Arkansas State at Arkansas-Little Rock
  15. NCAA Men's Basketball - Which of these ranked teams will be UPSET in their respective weekend game? (tie-breaker is largest margin of defeat or smallest margin of victory if all teams win) (9 points)
0%a. #18 Memphis (at Central Florida)
14%b. #12 Kansas State (at Baylor)
0%c. #22 St. Louis (at George Washington)
Correct36%d. #10 Arizona (at UCLA)
21%e. #4 Duke (vs #7 Miami, Florida)
21%f. #25 Colorado State (at Boise State)
7%g. #5 Michigan (vs #9 Michigan State)
0%h. #21 Marquette (vs. #20 Notre Dame)
  Tiebreaker: MLB - How many combined homeruns hit in all Grapefruit and Cactus League games played on Saturday?
Correct 41

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