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Joey Logano 2013 (Edited 02/28/13 04:39PM by corey_lock)
I believe Joey Logano is on the verge of breaking out in the Cup Series. His move to Penske Racing and new team mate defending champion Brad Keselowski is sure to be a positive one. I'm wondering whether you think this could be his breakout year or not?
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 1. Will Joey Logano make the chase in 2013? (0 points)
36%a. Yes
45%b. No
18%c. Maybe next year..
 2. How many cup races do you think Joey will win this year? (0 points)
9%a. 0
64%b. 1
9%c. 2
18%d. 3
0%e. 4
0%f. 5
 3. Do you think Joey's move to Penske was the right one? (0 points)
64%a. Yes
18%b. No
18%c. Not Sure

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#1 | 601 days ago

I don;t think he has reached his full potential. He has more to show, But not the first year with thus team...
1. Maybe next year..  2. 1  3. Yes  
#2 | 600 days ago

I really thought when he first came up that he would be pretty good.  This is already is 5th season and he only has 2 wins and never finished in the top 15 in points.  It will be tough, but it could turn around especially since he's with Penske now.  Keselowski won with Penske last year, so maybe Logano can take off with them too
1. No  2. 1  3. Yes  
#3 | 597 days ago

I can't see this move helping him...what more did he want than the JGR car that Smoke used to dominate in?
1. No  2. 0  3. No  
#4 | 596 days ago

A team that likes him, and confidence... u seen how racey hes been lately?
#5 | 575 days ago

I predict he gets put in a wall for the next 3 races
1. No  2. 1  3. No  
#6 | 574 days ago

He is starting to show his potential now, if he can maintain it he will go far.  I f he buys into all the negitive crap coming out about him by all the so called Monday morning racecar drivers, he is not the driver I have watched start to mature this season.   Joey is in a good team and Brad is a postive influance on him.  Sure JRG's #20 was a great ride, but he was not ready for that move at the time, he didnot want to offend anyone and looked like a lost puppy out there for the most part.   He had all the opportunitys in the world it seemed to show his stuff, but he just didn't mesh with the crewcheif and the team as a whole.  This is a fresh start and this young drivcer is fired up!!  Sunday's wreck was just two hard charging drivers fighting it out til the end.  Both drivers were doing their best and neither was going to admit defeat.  The end result was one finished the race and one finished in the hospital.  That is how it sometimes happens, but there is no cause fore all the negitive hipe about Joey wishing any ill will onto Denny.  Now the BS and it is BS with Smoke getting bent out of shape at Joey..........that was uncalled for.  I am sure after Smoke watches the playbacks and cools off, he will see that he was in the wrong to do what he did after the race.  Joey was fighting to regain the lead and he did nothing to Tony that Smoke had not done to others before. ( Tony Stewart is my main driver and has been since 2001, but when you are wrong, you are wrong)   The times where Joey would rollover and move out of anybody's way so as not to offend them are over!!
 All I can say is Go Joey Go!! 
1. Yes  2. 3  3. Yes  
#7 | 572 days ago

derms33 wrote:
I predict he gets put in a wall for the next 3 races
Let's hope so!
1. No  2. 1  3. Yes  

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