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Joey Logano 2013 (Edited 02/28/13 04:39PM by corey_lock)
I believe Joey Logano is on the verge of breaking out in the Cup Series. His move to Penske Racing and new team mate defending champion Brad Keselowski is sure to be a positive one. I'm wondering whether you think this could be his breakout year or not?
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Team Breakout:
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 1. Will Joey Logano make the chase in 2013? (0 points)
36%a. Yes
45%b. No
18%c. Maybe next year..
 2. How many cup races do you think Joey will win this year? (0 points)
9%a. 0
64%b. 1
9%c. 2
18%d. 3
0%e. 4
0%f. 5
 3. Do you think Joey's move to Penske was the right one? (0 points)
64%a. Yes
18%b. No
18%c. Not Sure