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Sabres at Hurricanes 3/5/13 (Edited 03/03/13 01:32PM by hskrdave)

Go Home Buffalo!!!  After you lose...

Let's Go Canes!!

Scored by hskrdave on 03/10/13 at 02:35AM | Closed on 03/05/13 at 07:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 8 | NHL, Carolina Hurricanes, Buffalo Sabres | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
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 1. Who Will Win the Game? (10 points)
33%a. Canes by 1 (includes shootout)
44%b. Canes by 2
0%c. Canes by 3+
22%d. Sabres by 1 (includes shootout)
0%e. Sabres by 2
0%f. Sabres by 3+
 2. Which Hurricane Scores a Goal? (not most, any goal, more than 1 may be correct) (10 points)
44%a. Eric Staal
11%b. Jiri Tlusty
22%c. Jeff Skinner
11%d. Jussi Jokinen
0%e. Alexander Semin
0%f. Patrick Dwyer
11%g. No Goals or None of these
 3. Which Hurricane Records an Assist? (10 points)
33%a. Alexander Semin
33%b. Eric Staal
22%c. Jordan Staal
0%d. Jeff Skinner
0%e. Jiri Tlusty
11%f. Joe Corvo
0%g. No Assists or None of these
 4. Which Sabre Scores a Goal? (10 points)
44%a. Thomas Vanek
33%b. Jason Pominville
0%c. Cody Hodgson
11%d. Tyler Ennis
11%e. Steve Ott
0%f. Alexander Sulzer
0%g. No Goals or None of these
 5. Which Sabre Records an Assist? (10 points)
11%a. Thomas Vanek
11%b. Cody Hodgson
67%c. Tyler Ennis
11%d. Jason Pominville
0%e. Christian Ehrhoff
0%f. Steve Ott
0%g. No Assists or None of these
 6. Most Shots on Goal By Difference? (10 points)
33%a. Sabres 1-6
0%b. 7-12
0%c. 13+
0%d. Even
67%e. Canes 1-6
0%f. 7-12
0%g. 13+
 7. Most Penalty Minutes by Difference (10 points)
56%a. Sabres 1-4
22%b. 5-8
0%c. 9+
0%d. Even
22%e. Canes 1-4
0%f. 5-8
0%g. 9+
 8. Total Saves by Difference in Game (10 points)
 Tiebreaker: Total Goals of Game (does not include shootout)

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