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Coffee is for closers.
The 'will they / won't they' subplot is very popular in TV & movies. And their have been some all-timers (i.e. Moonlighting), but those usually end up with the protagonists 'hooking up' to mixed results for both the characters and the audience. (By all means throw in some of your faves*- it's mixed bag, hijack Friday!)

That's not the point. The question is, How did they NOT? Or maybe they did? idk?

I think one of the best examples of not getting any coffee is in Beverly Hills Cop. Seriously? Crazy Axel doesn't hook up with Jenney?? (All Hollywood racial bs of the time aside, that had a When Harry Met Sally situation all over it.)
Coffee is for closers. Photo

*So share your faves or all time will they won't / they couples.

Or hell, just post a pic of your cat and discuss. Whatever dude.

Got it? Good. Go.
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