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Über Sports Challenge : March 15 - March 18
This is a poll that asks questions about all different kinds of sports, some you may know about and some that you may not.  Plain and simple, Predict the answers to these questions and see if you have what it takes to be considered an all around fan sports fan

Good luck to everyone this week!

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Scored by Scott on 03/18/13 at 10:14AM | Closed on 03/15/13 at 07:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 15 | General Sports | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Correct Answer16 Fans 
  1. MMA - UFC Welterweight Title - Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz - 03.16.13 - What will be the outcome of this title fight? (6 points)
25%a. Pierre wins by KO
31%b. Pierre wins by submission
Correct38%c. Pierre wins by decision
0%d. Draw or No Contest
0%e. Diaz wins by KO
0%f. Diaz wins by submission
6%g. Diaz wins by decision
  2. Golf - Which of these golfers will shoot the LOWEST score in the final round of this weekend's Tampa Bay Championship? (8 points)
Correct0%a. Matt Kuchar
13%b. Sergio Garcia
19%c. Nick Watney
6%d. Jim Furyk
31%e. Geoff Oglivy
25%f. Zach Johnson
6%g. Ryan Moore
0%h. Martin Kaymer
  3. Nascar - How many cars will finish on the lead lap in this weekend's Food City 500? (5 points)
0%a. 6 or less
0%b. 7-9
25%c. 10-12
63%d. 13-15
Correct13%e. 16-18
0%f. 19-21
0%g. 22+
  4. Soccer - Austrian Bundesliga - SV Mattersburg vs. Austria Vienna - 03.17.13 - What will be the outcome of this match? (2 points)
31%a. SV Mattersburg wins
6%b. Draw
Correct63%c. Austria Vienna wins
  5. Soccer - Turkish Super Lig - Which of these matches will have the MOST goals scored? (9 points)
6%a. Akhisar Belediye v Sivasspor
13%b. Antalyaspor v Fenerbahce
6%c. Besiktas v Kasimpasa
25%d. Bursaspor v Trabzonspor
13%e. Eskisehirspor K v Elazigspor
Correct25%f. Istanbul Buyuksehir BSK v Mersin Idmanyurdu
13%g. Genclerbirligi v Karabukspor
0%h. Orduspor v Gaziantepspor
  6. NHL - Boston Bruins at Pittsburgh Penguins - 03.17.13 - What will be the outcome of this Eastern Conference showdown? (5 points)
19%a. Bruins win in regulation
6%b. Bruins win in overtime
0%c. Bruins win in a shootout
Correct63%d. Penguins win in regulation
13%e. Penguins win in overtime
0%f. Penguins win in a shootout
  7. NHL - The St. Louis Blues allow the least amount of shots per game in the NHL. How many shots will the Blues allow when they host the red hot Anaheim Ducks on Saturday night? (5 points)
6%a. 13 or less
13%b. 14-16
25%c. 17-19
6%d. 20-22
38%e. 23-25
Correct13%f. 26-28
0%g. 29+
  8. NBA - LA Lakers at Indiana Pacers - 03.15.13 - Which team wins this East versus West matchup? (2 points)
Correct6%a. LA Lakers
94%b. Indiana Pacers
  9. NBA - Of the 16 teams playing on Sunday, how many will score OVER 100 points in their respective games? (5 points)
0%a. 3 or less
13%b. 4
13%c. 5
31%d. 6
44%e. 7
0%f. 8
Correct0%g. 9+
  10. Boxing - WBO welterweight title - Timothy Bradley Jr. vs. Ruslan Provodnikov - 03.16.13 - How many rounds will this championship fight last? (5 points)
6%a. 4 or less
6%b. 5
31%c. 6
25%d. 7
31%e. 8
0%f. 9
Correct0%g. 10+
  11. Lacrosse - How many goals will league leader Rhys Duch have when the Washington Stealth play the Minnesota Swarm on Saturday night? (5 points)
0%a. 0
0%b. 1
Correct38%c. 2
38%d. 3
19%e. 4
6%f. 5
0%g. 6+
  12. Baseball - Spring Training - What will be the MOST amount of runs scored by any one team in any of the 16 games played on Sunday? (5 points)
0%a. 5 or less
0%b. 6-7
19%c. 8-9
44%d. 10-11
Correct38%e. 12-13
0%f. 14-15
0%g. 16+
  13. NCAA Men's Baseball - #3 LSU Tigers at #7 Mississippi State Bulldogs - What will be the outcome of this 3 game weekend series? (3 points)
6%a. Tigers sweep
Correct63%b. Tigers win 2 of 3
0%c. Bulldogs sweep
31%d. Bulldogs win 2 of 3
  14. NCAA Men's Basketball - Which of these "bubble" teams will receive the HIGHEST in this year's March Madness tournament? (6 points)
0%a. Virginia
19%b. Minnesota
Correct19%c. Cincinnati
Correct0%d. Oklahoma
Correct44%e. Colorado
0%f. Arkansas
19%g. Tennessee
  15. NCAA Men's Basketball - Which of these conference championship games will have the LARGEST margin of victory? (9 points)
6%a. ACC
6%b. Big Ten
19%c. Big XII
19%d. SEC
Correct13%e. Big East
19%f. WAC
13%g. Pac-12
6%h. Atlantic 10
  Tiebreaker: NCAA Men's Basketball - How many combined points scored in this weekend's Big Ten championship game?
Correct 93

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#1 | 589 days ago

I am literally begging George St. Pierre to not only knock out Diaz this weekend, but to break his jaw so he will simply shut up once and for all.  Those 2 Diaz brothers are simply
1. Pierre wins by KO  2. Zach Johnson  3. 13-15  4. SV Mattersburg wins  5. Istanbul Buyuksehir BSK v Mersin Idmanyurdu  6. Penguins win in regulation  7. 23-25  8. Indiana Pacers  9. 7  10. 8  11. 5  12. 12-13  13. Tigers win 2 of 3  14. Colorado  15. SEC  

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